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Probing Solutions for Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
A total overview of the probing solutions for logic analyzer applications. In addition, technical information is provided to help the customer understand how these probes are deployed.

Техническая информация 2017-08-07

16962A Logic Analyzer Module 2 GHz State, 2/4/8 GHz Timing - Data Sheet
The Keysight 16962A logic analyzer module delivers the performance required for the latest high-speed standards like DDR3 with state speeds up to 2GHz and timing up to 8 GHz.

Техническая информация 2017-02-20

Keysight 16902B Logic Analysis System Service Guide
This book is the service guide for the 16902B logic analysis system.

Руководство по ремонту 2015-08-26

DisplayPort 1.2 Link Layer Testing - FuturePlus
DisplayPort 1.2 Link Layer Testing Solution from FuturePlus and Keysight.

Совместное решение 2015-06-30

Windows 7 Upgrade Kits for 16800 Series, 16901A and 16902B Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
Windows 7 upgrade kit options are available to replace an existing Intel 915GUX motherboard or Adlink M880 motherboard with an Adlink M890 motherboard and supply a new imaged HDD or SSD.

Техническая информация 2015-03-20

16800 Series Portable Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
The 16800 Series logic analyzers give you more measurement capabilities to overcome your toughest digital debug challenges - without spending more. 8 fixed configuration models offer 34, 68, 102, 136, or 204 channels of logic analysis. 3 of the 8 models also include a built-in 48-channel logic analyzer. Large, 15 inch display is standard. Touch screen is optional.

Техническая информация 2015-03-20

External Boot Drive for Keysight Logic Analysis Systems Installation Guide
Describes how to install the E5862A external boot drive for 16900 Series and 16800 Series logic analysis systems.

Руководство по установке 2014-11-27

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help Files (Version 05.90)
These are the online help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Файл справки 2013-09-17

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help - PDF Version (Version 05.90)
These are PDF versions of the Windows HTML Help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Файл справки 2013-09-17

ZIP ZIP 59.01 MB
DDR Memory Design and Test Overview
Brief overview of Keysight solutions for DDR design and test.

Брошюра 2012-12-19

DDR Memory Design and Test – A Better Way
Keysight offers the complete solutions for all areas of DDR design, meeting your needs for electrical physical layer, protocol layer, and functional test.

Брошюра 2012-12-19

Keysight 16900-Series Logic Analysis System Installation Guide
This installation guide describes how to set up the Keysight Technologies 16900A, 16901A, 16902A/B, and 16903A logic analysis systems and measurement modules.

Руководство по установке 2012-03-09

B4656A FPGA Probe for Altera - Data Sheet
Keysight's FPGA Dynamic Probe for Altera simplifies the debug of digital systems incorporating Altera FPGAs. This data sheet describes the features and corresponding benefits of the product. It includes a quick tour of the product's operation to give you a feel for exactly how it works and what you can expect from its operation in conjunction with your Altera Quartus design tools and your Keysight logic analyzer. Implementation details, such as supported logic analyzers and software versions, are also included in this document.

Техническая информация 2011-03-25

View Scope Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope Correlation - Data Sheet
Easily make time-correlated measurements between Keysight Technologies ' logic analyzers and oscilloscopes with View Scope. The time-correlated logic analyzer and oscilloscope waveforms are integrated into a single logic analyzer waveform display for easy viewing and analysis.

Техническая информация 2011-03-24

Frequently Asked Questions B4655A FPGA Dynamic Probe for Xilinx -Data Sheet
Keysight's FPGA dynamic probe for Xilinix FPGA's provides greater real-time measurement productivity for logic-analysis based validation of FPGAs and the surrounding system. The tool features: increased visibility, faster probing changes, and automatic setup of the logic analyzer.

Техническая информация 2011-03-23

B4655A FPGA Dynamic Probe for Xilinx - Data Sheet
Collaborative development between Keysight and Xilinx have produced a faster and more effective way to use your logic analyzer to debug FPGAs and the surrounding system. The Keysight PFGA dynamic probe, used in conjunction with a Keysight logic analyzer, provides the most effective solution for simple through complex debugging.

Техническая информация 2011-03-18

3GPP Long Term Evolution: System Overview, Product Development and Test Challenges -Application Note
This application note focuses on LTE and includes content on system overview, product development and test challenges of this new wireless communications technology.

Руководство по применению 2009-09-08

16900 Series Modular Logic Analyzers Demo Video
Experience how easy logic analysis has become...

Демонстрация 2009-03-19

DDR3 DIMM Probing for use with the 16900 Series Logic Analyzer
The probing solution enables viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR3 DIMMS with the Keysight 16900 Series logic analysys system.

Техническая информация 2009-02-01

10 Reasons to Upgrade to a 16800 or 16900 Series Logic Analyzer
10 Reasons to Upgrade to a 16800 or 16900 Series Logic Analyzer

Руководство по применению 2007-12-03

Keysight Technologies 16900 Series Logic Analysis Systems

Брошюра 2007-11-05

Measurement Modules for the 16900 Series - Data Sheet
Keysight Technologies Measurement Modules for the 16900 Series

Техническая информация 2007-11-01

8 Hints for Solving Common Debugging Problems with Your Logic Analyzer (AN 1326)

Руководство по применению 2007-04-19

Feeling Comfortable with Logic Analyzers (AN 1337)
This Application Note presents a quick view of logic analyzer basics.

Руководство по применению 2006-12-01

Using Logic Analyzers with the 89600 Vector Signal Analysis
Technical overview for vector signal analysis and modulation analysis of digital baseband signals up to 1.5 Gsa/sec for wireless communications, satellite communications, and radar.

Обзор технических характеристик 2006-11-01

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