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Информационный бюллетень 2016-07-14

ESL Design Notebook Blog
The blog home of Electronic System-Level Design at Keysight Technologies highlighting applications, news, and opinions from a cross-discipline, system-level approach to design and verification in communications and defense.

Журнал 2016-07-14

Integrated, Turnkey Modeling and Measurement Systems - Article Reprint
This article first appeared in the March 2016 edition of Microwave Journal.

Статья 2016-07-12

Adding Scale and Security Testing to VMware Environments
Test your next generation of applications within your existing virtual environment at a lower cost and without major networking constraints.

Пример реального применения 2016-07-01

Service Provider Automates Virtual Testing for Faster vIMS Migration
Discover how a US telecom company achieved up to 5x cost savings and sped up time to revenue with test automation that spanned network performance, cloud test, application virtualization.

Пример реального применения 2016-06-22

Telecom Virtualizes Faster with Confidence

Пример реального применения 2016-06-22

Broadband Service Provider Migrates to Cloud
Automated testing, network monitoring, and network security and video testing reduced deployment time significantly and streamlined operations.

Пример реального применения 2016-06-21

What is jitter?
Understand jitter basics and how to measure and then eliminate jitter from your designs.

Статья 2016-06-19

Jitter Glossary
Key terms that will help you understand and tackle jitter in your designs.

Статья 2016-06-15

Solving Mobile Radar Measurement Challenges
This Microwave Journal article examines an alternative simulation method that allows for better cross-domain modeling in a single framework, to capture the complete effects of modern radar system performance.

Статья 2016-06-13

Phased array beamforming software design, test, and measurement kit introduced by Keysight
Military & Aerospace Electronics article introduces the W1720EP phased array radar beamforming kit add-on software simulation personality for the SystemVue 2016.08 design and test and measurement environment.

Статья 2016-06-13

MWJ Article: Eye on 802.11ax: What It Is and How to Overcome the Design & Test Challenges It Creates
Wireless access to data has become an everyday necessity for both consumers and enterprises. In the last 30 years alone, unfettered access to information has transformed entire industries, fueling growth, productivity and profits.

Статья 2016-05-20

University of Notre Dame Strikes a Balance Between Research and Teaching

Статья 2016-05-15

Paving The Way For 5G Realization and mmWave Communication Systems – Article Reprint
This article Paving The Way For 5G Realization and mmWave Communication Systems first appeared in the April 2016 edition of Microwave Journal. Reprinted with kind permission from Microwave Journal.

Статья 2016-05-03

Simulating a DDoS Attack in Your Own Lab
Constructing a simple DDoS simulation in your own lab will give you the immediate benefit of experiencing a “real” DDoS attack to test your people and processes.

Пример реального применения 2016-05-01

Manufacturer Works with Ixia to Validate Switch Functionality

Пример реального применения 2016-04-15

French ISP Relies on Ixia Network Testing and Monitoring Solutions
Network testing and network monitoring solutions helped improve visibility and quality of experience for users.

Пример реального применения 2016-04-01

Signal Integrity Tips and Techniques Using TDR, VNA and Modeling - Article Reprint
Time and frequency domain analyses for simulation and measurements provide quick solutions for characterizing signal losses and identifying elements that control performance.

Статья 2016-03-31

The PDN Bandini Mountain and Other Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know
"In engineering, it's what you don't know you don't know that can ruin your day and keep you awake at nights." From Bert Simonovich's practical design notes.

Журнал 2016-03-30

Solving Electronics Design Challenges of an Aerospace System with EDA Tools
Microwave Product Digest featured article on solving electronics design challenges of an aerospace system using EDA tools.

Статья 2016-03-22

Practical, Efficient and Safe Power Device Thermal Characterization with B1506A - Article Reprint
The B1506A has standard solution for power device thermal test and offers fast and safe solution to customers. This white paper reports the actual implementation of thermal test with B1506A.

Статья 2016-03-18

Stay ALERT – Don’t Get Hurt

Статья 2016-03-03

Benefits of Keysight Bead Probe Technology
Keysight Bead Probe Technology is a test methodology to help electronics manufacturers regain ICT access on today’s increasingly dense PCBs as well as designs with high-speed circuits.Keysight Bead Probe Technology is a test methodology to help electronics manufacturers regain ICT access on today’s increasingly dense PCBs as well as designs with high-speed circuits.

Статья 2016-03-03

Right Load Switching and Simulation Design Choices for High Current and Mechatronic Functional Tests

Пример реального применения 2016-02-22

Phase Locked Loop Noise Transfer Functions - By Peter Delos
High Frequency Electronics article that describes the derivation of noise transfer functions and some key points for phase locked loop noise analysis is provided along with a simulation and measured example.

Статья 2016-02-18

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