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8 Proven Ways to Increase Test Asset ROI
This ebook contains 8 methods for increasing test asset return on investment.

eBook 2018-04-27

Mobile Device Manufacturer Streamlines 5G Development with Scalable Solutions
A leading manufacturer of mobile devices needed a technology partner who could provide millimeter-wave and over-the-air solutions with the capability and performance to bring 5G devices to market quickly. They were looking for network emulation solutions that would streamline device development workflows, from early prototyping to acceptance and manufacturing.

Case Study 2018-04-23

5G Innovations 2020
As the cellular industry prepares to deploy 5G in the 2020s, business models will expand once again. An additional 1.1 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet thanks to 5G innovations. This white paper describes 5G and this impact it will have on businesses worldwide.

Case Study 2018-04-23

Test Considerations for 5G New Radio
This white paper describes the challenges that network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and device manufacturers will face in testing their hardware, software, and end-to-end deployments.

Case Study 2018-04-23

NB-IoT Success Hinges on Overcoming 3 Challenges
Ensuring NB-IoT devices and systems are fully optimized for use in the industrial IoT (IIoT) requires critical attention to battery life, network coverage, and cost.

Case Study 2018-04-18

IoT Device Manufacturer Eliminates Battery Life Issues in its Prototypes
An IoT device manufacturer was able to address the battery life issues impacting roughly 50% of its prototypes and deliver power-efficient IoT devices to its large utility customers on-time and with a real-world battery life performance that rivaled what was achieved in the lab.

Case Study 2018-04-13

Automotive Manufacturer Develops Mission-Critical Radar Sensors
A major global automotive manufacturer develops advanced driver assistance systems with high-frequency, high-bandwidth radar sensors using the SystemVue Automotive Radar Library software with the industry-leading M8195A arbitrary waveform generator and N9041B UXA signal analyzer.

Case Study 2018-04-13

Automotive Innovation 2020
With the rapid advances in autonomous driving, e-Mobility, connected cars and automotive Ethernet, the advancements we marvel at today may seem basic in just a few years.

Case Study 2018-04-10

Accelerate your workflow with Keysight PathWave
Keysight PathWave is a new design and test software platform that accelerates your product development workflow from through manufacturing and deployment.

Feature Story 2018-03-30

4 Advanced Power Supply Tips Every System Test Engineer Should Know
Test System Engineers face a constant stream of new requirements and evolving test plans, and meeting these challenges can be difficult. Follow these 4 expert tips to successfully integrate and use your system power supply.

Case Study 2018-03-22

7 Common Oscilloscope Probing Pitfalls to Avoid
Understanding common probing pitfalls and how to avoid them is crucial in making better measurements. Learn about pitfalls you might be making in your tests and how your measurements can be improved with better practices.

eBook 2018-03-20

Integrating Design and Test Workflow
Until now, an integrated and connected solution was not available. Now, you can take advantage of the technology of the future and integrate your design and test workflow with Keysight PathWave.

Article 2018-03-14

Analog Devices Reduces Exposure to Unplanned Operating Expenditures
Analog Devices avoided an early component failure and inaccurate measurements using Keysight’s PathWave Asset Advisor application that monitored, in real-time, the instrument’s health.

Case Study 2018-02-22

Analog Devices Reduces Capital Expenses Using Real-Time Utilization Data
One wireless company discovered a source of CapEx funding by trading in under-utilized assets determined by using Keysight’s PathWave Asset Advisor.

Case Study 2018-02-22

Unmasking Network and Data Evasions
Learn more about the top evasion techniques and how Ixia's BreakingPoint can help you make informed decisions on the trade-off between prevention and performance.

Case Study 2018-02-16

Panasonic: GaN Power Devices are Becoming Broadly Available
It is challenging to replace Si power devices with GaN power devices. This article introduces the efforts made by Panasonic to solve such issues.

Case Study 2018-02-15

2017 Global Electronic T & M Software Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award
Frost and Sullivan awards Keysight Technologies the 2017 Global Electronic Test & Measurement Software Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

Article 2018-02-01

Keysight Translator for QDART Test
Keysight Translator software for QDART

Article 2018-01-30

The Problems of Testing 5G, Part 1 - Article Reprint by Moray Rumney
This article introduces the challenges of testing 5G devices, with a discussion of New Radio (NR)

Article 2018-01-29

What You Can Do to Strengthen Cloud Security
Presents the key steps for strengthening the security of your cloud environment.

Case Study 2018-01-25

Making RF Magic
Insights to get the most out of your RF Transceiver.

eBook 2018-01-12

Creating an Impedance Matching Method for Wireless Battery Charging
NCKU researchers use ADS to develop a simple, yet effective DC-driving impedance matching method for rectifier-antennas and wirelessly charging implantable Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

Article 2018-01-01

How to Get Clean DC Power
How to get clean DC power, find and eliminate noise.

eBook 2017-12-31

Visibility Helps Retailer Reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution by 75%
A large retail pharmacy was able to increase data access and the efficiency of their growing portfolio of monitoring tools by deploying Ixia taps and Vision series packet brokers. By eliminating blind spots in their view of network traffic, the company was able to quickly identify and resolve performance issues.

Case Study 2017-12-07

Pulsed Antenna Measurements Using PNA Network Analyzers
Techniques for characterization of antennas in pulsed mode.

Case Study 2017-12-05


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