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Quadruples throughput with i3070 4-Module In-Circuit Inline in Automotive Electronics Manufacturing
An Automotive Electronics Manufacturing increases the test throughput more than 50% by using i3070 4-Module Inline In-Circuit System with Dual Board Staging and Throughput Multiplier feature.

Étude de cas 2019-05-22

Quadrupling Throughput in Automotive Electronics Manufacturing
A leading automotive PCBA maker increased test throughput by 4x with Keysight's automated inline in-circuit test solution.

Étude de cas 2019-05-22

PXIe Multiport Network Analyzer Speeds Multiport Active Antenna Development
A leading global defense contractor accelerated development of a complex antenna using our true multiport PXI Vector Network Analyzer - it characterized their devices without switches.

Étude de cas 2019-05-20

Keysight Test Equipment Report
The report, based on the results of a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, focused on 306 participants that use test equipment to ensure electronic device quality and testing. The survey sought to understand the challenges of achieving electronic hardware manufacturing quality.

Étude de cas 2019-05-15

3 Key Challenges Implementing and Testing MIMO and Beamforming in 5G Base Stations and Components
Learn the 3 key challenges that designers must overcome while implementing and testing MIMO and beamforming on 5G base stations and components.

Étude de cas 2019-05-13

Electronic Load Fundamentals
Read an in depth description of an electronic loads four common operating modes. Learn how each mode works, along with common applications.

Étude de cas 2019-05-11

5G RF Design Startup Delivers Cutting-Edge GaN/GaAs Devices on Day One
To achieve success in the growing wireless industry, a company must deliver cutting-edge devices at competitive speeds. Doing so requires powerful design and simulation tools that can accurately measure the high frequencies that 5G demands.

Étude de cas 2019-05-10

Integrated Photonics Revolutionize Data Center Interconnects
Compared with conventional electrical systems, PICs and silicon photonics technologies enable optical communications at higher volumes with lower costs, greater energy efficiency, and smaller sizes.

Étude de cas 2019-05-09

4 Tips to Optimize IoT Device Battery Life
Battery life is one of the most important considerations for IoT devices. Explore this eBook to discover four tips to optimize battery life in IoT devices.

eBook 2019-05-03

Multisignal Capture and Analysis with DMMs
This white paper explores how BenchVue can help you acquire multiple signals concurrently and interpret the data you receive from them faster. You will also learn how it helps you quickly synchronize measurements, graph measurements, and export data in a variety of common formats.

Étude de cas 2019-05-02

Coherent Optical Transforms Data Center Interconnects
Integrated photonics and new standards such as 400ZR and IEEE 802.3ct drive next-generation data center interconnects.

Étude de cas 2019-05-02

Fundamentals of MilCom Digital Modulation Format
Adding complex modulation schemes to military systems boosts scalability, security, and data rates.

Étude de cas 2019-04-24

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X): Shaping the Future of Smart Mobility
Learn more about vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and how it is shaping the intelligent transport system.

Étude de cas 2019-04-15

With Data Analytics, Accurate and Faster Design Decisions Follow
The secret to making more informed design decisions comes down to using integrated data analytics software. It allows engineers to work in shorter design cycles, reduce the number of redesigns, and benefit from an integrated design and test workflow that increases productivity and minimizes risk.

Étude de cas 2019-04-15

How TestOps Speeds Electronic Design and Test
This white paper highlights the ways that TestOps speeds the design and testing of electronic products thanks to PathWave's connected workflow.

Étude de cas 2019-04-11

3 Tactics for Configuring Phase-Coherent RF Signal Generation
Testing multi-antenna systems such as MIMO, beamforming requires a test system capable of providing multiple signals and a constant phase relationship between the signals. This white paper will help you understand phase coherence and why it matters, and offer tactics for generating phase-coherent signals.

Étude de cas 2019-04-10

Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter - Product and Application News
Keep tabs on the latest product and application news and review the archives of the Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter.

Bulletin d'information 2019-04-09

Beyond Operational: LTE and WLAN Boost Military and First Responder Networks
Enabling military and public safety networks to access and share data across enhanced coverage zones.

Étude de cas 2019-04-09

Prepare for 5G New Radio Conformance Test Challenges
Passing conformance and device acceptance tests is the biggest challenge device and base station companies need to overcome. This white paper provides information that helps when preparing for 5G NR conformance tests.

Étude de cas 2019-04-08

Get to Know Your Signal Analyzer - 5 Tips to Optimize Your Transmitter Test - eBook
Optimizing transmitter tests is easier than you thought. This eBook offers 5 tips to become more efficient and get cleaner measurement results. You will learn simple ways to speed up measurement time, reduce measurement errors, and increase the reliability of your measurement results.

eBook 2019-04-05

Evolution of the Connected Healthcare System
Technology in the healthcare industry has evolved tremendously over the last five years. Technology is now compact, faster, and more affordable. It is an expectation that all new healthcare devices and tools are intelligent — with multiple sensors connected wirelessly to each other and the internet. The combination of advances like the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cloud services impact the changes you see in healthcare today. Learn about four critical technology changes in the healthcare industry today in this white paper.

Étude de cas 2019-04-01

NTT DOCOMO Gains a Go-to-Market Advantage in 5G with Flexible Channel Sounding - Case Study
As one of the industry’s leading innovators, NTT DOCOMO is working to deploy its 5G mobile network in time for a major athletic event in the summer of 2020 in Tokyo. To define and optimize a network that fulfills on the promise of 5G - without being overdesigned - NTT DOCOMO needed an accurate, reliable and repeatable way to characterize channel propagation.

Étude de cas 2019-04-01

NTT DOCOMO Gains a Go to Market Advantage in 5G with Flexible Channel Sounding
As one of the industry’s leading innovators, NTT DOCOMO is working to deploy its 5G mobile network in time for a major athletic event in the summer of 2020 in Tokyo. To define and optimize a network that fulfills on the promise of 5G – without being overdesigned – NTT DOCOMO needed an accurate, reliable and repeatable way to characterize channel propagation.

Étude de cas 2019-04-01

TDECQ Part II, Manufacturing Test Recommendations
Learn about TDECQ test process and measurement setup, best practices for automating the process, and issues that can affect measurement time and throughput.

Étude de cas 2019-03-29

TDECQ Part 1, Making Accurate and Repeatable Compliance Measurements
Learn how to make a compliant TDECQ measurement on a PAM4 optical transmitter.

Étude de cas 2019-03-26


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