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N4891A 400GBASE FEC Aware Receiver Test Solution - Data Sheet
Keysight’s N4891A 400GABASE FEC-aware receiver test solution allows measurement of frame loss ratio in 400G Ethernet links using FEC by supplying one stressed lane, while maintaining the proper FEC striped test pattern data across all lanes.

Data Sheet 2019-09-22

x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer - Technical Overview
The Keysight x1149 boundary scan analyzer brings you better coverage, better diagnostics and best-in-class usability to your work bench to meet your boundary scan test needs.

Technical Overview 2019-09-19

U2000 Series USB Power Sensor - Data sheet
A data sheet for the U2000 Series USB Power Sensors.

Data Sheet 2019-09-19

N5511A Phase Noise Test System (PNTS) - Data Sheet
The N5511A Phase Noise Test System (PNTS) is a replacement for the gold-standard E5500 phase noise measurement system. PNTS is the foundation of test setups that can measure phase noise down to kT (-177 dBm/Hz). This thermal phase noise floor is the theoretical limit for any measurement at room temperature therefore, PNTS can measure at the limits of physics.

Data Sheet 2019-09-19

M8131A 16/32 GSa/s Digitizer Preliminary Version 0.6 - Data Sheet
The M8131A is a 16 Gsa/s or 32 GSa/s digitizer. It's a special analyzer solution, and with its build-in acquisition memory allow user capture real-world signals for a certain, limited amount of time. However, it's also embedded an optical streaming interface (ODI), that allows gapless capture for an unlimited amount of time.

Data Sheet 2019-09-18

VXG Microwave Signal Generator - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides key features and specifications for the M9384B VXG and M9383B VXG-m microwave signal generators.

Data Sheet 2019-09-18

N6468A SFP+ Electrical Performance Validation and Conformance Software - Data Sheet
The N6468A SFP+ Ethernet electrical performance validation and conformance software gives you an easy and accurate way to verify and debug your SFP+ and QSFP+ Ethernet designs.

Data Sheet 2019-09-17

N777xC Family of Tunable Lasers - Data Sheet
The new Keysight N777xC family of tunable laser sources covers a range of performance classes for outstanding test efficiency in static and swept-wavelength operation.

Data Sheet 2019-09-15

33500B and 33600A Series Trueform Waveform Generators - Data Sheet
Data sheet for the 33500B and 33600A Series waveform generators

Data Sheet 2019-09-12

Why Migrate from the First-Generation MXG to the New EXG X-Series Signal Generator?
This technical overview describes the benefits of transitioning from the first generation MXG to the new X-Series EXG signal generator.

Technical Overview 2019-09-12

EXG X-Series Signal Generators N5171B Analog & N5172B Vector - Data Sheet
This datasheet lists the key specifications for the EXG N5171B analog and N5172B vector X-Series signal generators.

Data Sheet 2019-09-11

N5531X Measuring Receiver - Data Sheet
PXA is the core component instrument of the N5531X measuring receiver. The PXA instrument conditions included in the PXA specification guide must be met to meet the N5531X specifications.

Data Sheet 2019-09-11

Emulate the Battery for More Realistic Mobile Device Test Results - Technical Overview
A key consideration when powering a mobile device with a DC source is getting current drain test results comparable to that of usin a battery, when optimizing battery run time.

Technical Overview 2019-09-11

MXG X-Series Signal Generators N5181B Analog & N5182B Vector - Data Sheet
This MXG signal generator data sheet contains the following specifications: frequency, amplitude, spectral purity, analog modulation, vector modulation, and general, as well as related literature.

Data Sheet 2019-09-11

Scienlab Charging Discovery System - EMC Series for EVSE Test - Data Sheet
The CDS for EVSE testing is used inside an anechoic chamber for immunity and emission tests (conducted or radiated) of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, during AC or DC charging.

Data Sheet 2019-09-10

Scienlab Charging Discovery System - EMC Series for EV Test - Data sheet
The CDS EMC Series for EV Test is intended for use inside an anechoic chamber for immunity and emission tests (conducted or radiated) of electric vehicles, during AC or DC charging.

Data Sheet 2019-09-10

89600 WLA Software - Technical Overview
The 89600 WLA software provides wireless link analysis that decodes higher layer control messages and correlates them with the PHY-layer signals they manage.

Technical Overview 2019-09-10

U1270 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters - Data Sheet
This is the datasheet for the Keysight U1270 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters which offers features such as water and dust resistant, 30,000 counts, DC & AC voltage, current, resistance and more.

Data Sheet 2019-09-09

N2163A mmWave Wideband Analysis Acceleration and Frequency Extensions - Data Sheet
mmWave Wideband Analysis Acceleration and Frequency Extension options enable users to dynamically allocate 5 GHz or 10 GHz wide bandwidth windows for analysis of frequency ranges up to 110 GHz, regardless of the oscilloscopes maximum licensed native bandwidth. Additionally, all Infiniium UXR models come standard with 40 MHz of hardware accelerated real-time Digital Down Conversion (DDC) – with the option to expand to 160 MHz and 2.16 GHz of analysis bandwidth.

Data Sheet 2019-09-06

N109256CB OIF CEI 4.0 Measurement and Debug Application - Data Sheet
Characterize CEI-56G-VSR/MR/LR Electrical TX Designs using N1000A/86100D DCA-X and N109X DCA-M Oscilloscopes.

Data Sheet 2019-09-06

U1450A/U1460A Insulation Resistance Testers - Data Sheet
This document is the datasheet for the U1450A/U1460A series Insulation Resistance Testers which outlines the key features, specifications and options.

Data Sheet 2019-09-06

U1250 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters - Data Sheet
This data sheet is a technical document describing the U1250 Series DMM, its key features, hardware specifications and recommended accessories available for this product.

Data Sheet 2019-09-05

N1095BSCA Optical TX Test Software for IEEE 802.3bs/cd - Data Sheet
The Keysight N1095BSCA Optical TX Test software for IEEE 802.3bs/cd is a measurement application for the DCA-M equivalent-time sampling oscilloscopes designed to save you time and money by automating the task of performing optical PAM4 transmitter (TX) test measurements

Data Sheet 2019-09-04

N109228CA OIF CEI 3.1
Keysight Technologies, Inc. has created the N109228CA OIF CEI 3.1 Compliance and Debug Application for you to simplify measurement of these transmitter parameters and to obtain full results to test limits in a few minutes

Data Sheet 2019-09-04

N1913A and N1914A EPM Series Power Meters E-Series and 8480 Series Power Sensors – Data Sheet
This document describes details specification, options, and compatible accessories of the EPM Series power meters and E-Series and 8480 sensors.

Data Sheet 2019-09-04

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