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Требования к тестированию совместимости систем 5G с другими радиосистемами - Аналитический доклад
Аналитический доклад, посвященный требованиям к тестированию совместимости систем 5G с другими радиосистемами.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-17

Make Better AC RMS Measurements with Your Digital Multimeter - Application Note
Learn about the complexity of ac rms measurements and how to deal with them

Руководство по применению 2018-08-17

Error Analysis of PAM4 Signals - Application Brief
Increasing demands for a connected world with instant data access continues to drive Ethernet, 64G fiber channel, CEI-56G and other next generation data center networking links.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-17

Power Integrity for 32 Gb/s SERDES Transceivers
In this DesignCon 2018 paper, a 32 Gb/s FPGA is used to show how transmitter jitter is improved by engineering the impedance of the PDN ecosystem and at the same time reducing the part count.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-17

How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Portable IoT Devices - Application Note
This application note describes how to use the Keysight X8712A IoT device battery life optimization test solution to quickly detect design weaknesses and predict the battery life of an IoT device under many real-world operation conditions.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-16

Основные сведения о предварительных испытания на ЭМС - Аналитический доклад
Аналитический доклад, посвященный основным сведениям о предварительных испытания на ЭМС.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-16

Wafer and Chip-Level Optical Test Solving Polarization Alignment with the IL/PDL Test System
Optical testing of wafer and chips for photonic integrated circuits requires attention to the polarization of the input light. This is supported by the N7700A application software.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-16

Accurately measure path loss for over the air transmitter and receiver measurements
This application note describes how to improve the accuracy of the Keysight X8711A by properly measuring path loss and applying the right system offset in the test plan.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-16

Data Logging and Digitizing with a Digital Multimeter (DMM)—It’s about time! - Application Note
Now -- data logging and digitizing optimized in a DMM for optimized front panel operation rathern than remote programming and data transfer.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-15

Smart Cows and Tips for Designing Mission-Critical IoT Products
Mission-critical IoT products designed in the lab under ideal test conditions don’t always perform as expected in the real world. There are many reasons why this is the case and it’s not always in the way one would think.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-09

SENT Automotive Sensor Physical Layer Testing Using Keysight InfiniiVision X-Series Oscilloscopes
SENT automotive sensor physical layer testing using Keysight InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscopes

Руководство по применению 2018-08-08

EMI Troubleshooting: The Need for Close Field Probes - Application Note
This application note introduces close field probes and explains how specific probes offer distinct advantages in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) radiated emission pre-compliance test.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-07

4 Things to Consider When Using a DAQ as a Data Logger
Product designs keep increasing in complexity. So do product test requirements. Learn how to improve test development cycle time, choose the right setup to optimize your test time, and improve the accuracy of your data acquisition test system.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-07

EMI Compliance Test vs. EMI Pre-Compliance Test - Application Brief
This paper gives you an understanding on the advantage of running an in-house EMI pre-compliance test with a spectrum analyzer, guide you through the process of making a good estimation of your new product's EMI performance, and diagnose unwanted emissions.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-07

How Can Distributed Architecture Help mmWave Network Analysis? - White Paper
Learn ways to increase the frequency range of VNAs to test mmWave frequencies.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-06

Real-Time Analysis Techniques for Making Wireless Measurements - Application Note
This application note describes two major functions of a real-time spectrum analyzer and how they relate to the gap-free time capture with the PXA and MXA when used with Keysight 89600 VSA software.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-03

Save Energy in your High-Power Test Applications - White Paper
This paper discusses on The definition of regenerative power supply and why it matters and also the operation of power supply.

Руководство по применению 2018-08-01

Top Considerations for 5G New Radio Device Designers - eBook
This ebook outlines challenges in 5G New Radio such as new frequency spectrum and wider bandwidths, MIMO and beam steering, over-the air testing and 5G NR coexistence with other wireless systems.

Руководство по применению 2018-07-31

PCIe 5.0 The Next Generation of Peripheral Component Interconnect - White Paper
Defining the Next Standard in Interconnect Technology

Руководство по применению 2018-07-30

How 5G Will Influence Autonomous Driving Systems - White Paper
5G Will Dramatically Strengthen Autonomous Driving Systems. ADAS and autonomous driving improve safety and save lives.

Руководство по применению 2018-07-26

How to Make the Best Switch Mode Power Supply Measurements - Application Note
Oscilloscope power measurement options provide a quick and easy way to analyze the reliability and efficiency of switching power supplies.

Руководство по применению 2018-07-25

Pacemaker: Narrow Pulses Generation for Design and Sensitivity Test - Article Reprint
A pacemaker is a small device that helps the heart to beat more regularly and properly. It does this with a small electric stimulation that controls the heartbeat. This paper outlines pulse generation and sensitivity test of a pacemaker. Designers require a generated signal to simulate the real pacemaker pulse signal to use for sensitivity testing of the pacemaker.

Руководство по применению 2018-07-24

Как оптимизировать скорость измерений, выполняемых системой сбора данных - Аналитический доклад
Аналитический доклад, посвященный способам оптимизации скорости измерений, выполняемых системой сбора данных.

Руководство по применению 2018-07-17

Overcoming Interference is Critical to Success in a Wireless IoT World - White Paper
This white paper highlights the importance of co-existence testing and step-by-step guide on how it can be done in the lab.

Руководство по применению 2018-07-17

Wavelength and Polarization Dependence of 100G-LR4 Components - Application Note
This application note describes our solution based on the new 81606A or 81608A tunable lasers, for measuring the wavelength and polarization dependence of components for 100G optical links that multiplex multiple wavelengths. Both passive fiber optic components and receiver optical subassemblies are addressed.

Руководство по применению 2018-07-13

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