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What types of interfaces are available on the ENA?
Please refer to the manuals.

FAQ 2012-04-17

Which Connector Types Can Be Safely Connected, and Which Types May Cause Damage to the Interface?

FAQ 2012-04-05

What is the frequency range of the N5532A Sensor Module?
100 kHz to 4.2 GHz, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, 30 MHz to 26.5 GHz, and 30 MHz to 50 GHz.

FAQ 2012-02-26

Can I make Noise Figure Measurements below 10 MHz with the ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Yes, you can make useful noise figure measurements with the ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer down to 200 kHZ, however, no instrument specifications are provided.

FAQ 2012-02-25

Do the handheld spectrum analyzers have a fan or vent?
No, the HSAs have design that is fanless and has no vent.

FAQ 2012-02-20

What is the Port Reference Impedance Conversion? Is this function available on the ENA / ENA-L?
The Port Reference Impedance Conversion is one of a feature of the Fixture Simulator. This function is only available on the ENA.

FAQ 2011-10-16

Is it possible to change the font size of softkey menu on ENA?
Yes. The font size of softkey menu can be changed with following procedure...

FAQ 2011-10-07

Why i can't find other languages help file setting in U160X A/B series HH oscilloscope?
In order to access to other language, please go to respective product support page in Go to Driver & Software page, select Firmware Update.

FAQ 2011-09-12

Which part of the E4418/9B Power Meter needs to be changed in order to have the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) revision?
The A6 measurement board of the E4418B and E4419B Power Meter needs to be changed to have the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) revision.

FAQ 2011-07-18

What Adapters are Used to Adapt Between 1.85 mm Connectors and Other RF Connectors?

FAQ 2011-05-25

Can event (trigger) logged data be transferred to the GUI DATA LOGGER?
No, data can only be transferred for manual logged data and interval logged data.

FAQ 2011-05-05

What is the dielectric constant and material composition of the Keysight 33391C Microwave Insulator Bead Assembly?
The insulator bead is Noryl® modified Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO). The dielectric constant is 2.63-2.68.

FAQ 2011-04-21

Are the input channels on the U1602B and U1604B Handheld Oscilloscopes isolated?
No, both scope channels (channel 1 and channel 2) on the U1602B and U1604B Handheld Oscilloscopes are not isolated.

FAQ 2011-03-31

What is the power meter firmware revision is compatible with N1918A?
The N1918A software is compatible with the following instruments' firmware...

FAQ 2011-03-31

What is the difference between N1913/14A and E-4418/19B?
There is difference between N1913/14A & E4418/19B in term of outlook, feature, function & SCPI codes.

FAQ 2011-02-07

Where Can I Get More Information about VXIplug&play?

FAQ 2011-02-07

How do I know my N4010A can support 40MHz Bandwidth?
You can check it thru the front panel. Click on the question above for a fuller description.

FAQ 2010-11-09

Where does V3500A source the power from when connected USB port with battery installed?
USB port power

FAQ 2010-10-07

How do I find a partner to help develop my modular solution?
Keysight has a number of solution partners that can help define and create your modular solution...

FAQ 2010-10-06

Do you have anti-aliasing filter for U2300A and U2500A ?
No, we do not have anti-aliasing filter for our DAQs

FAQ 2010-09-22

Where can I get the service guide for U8903A because it's not available in
You will have to email to your local support center to request for the service guide. You'll then be asked to sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)...

FAQ 2010-09-20

What does the check mark at the rear panel label of the E3600 series bench power supply mean?
The check mark on the rear panel label shows the AC power rating for this unit which shipped from the factory.

FAQ 2010-09-20

Why some bench power supply comes with yellow label stating 100V ONLY or 115V ONLY?
The main purpose of the yellow label (as shown below) is to caution customer ...

FAQ 2010-09-20

What is the smallest frequency step size(resolution) for V3500A handheld power meter?
1MHz step size(resolution) can be done via programming method.

FAQ 2010-09-20

How do I locate the serial number for my 34980A Mainframe?
The serial number is located on the rear panel of the 34980A on the left of the LAN and USB connectors.

FAQ 2010-09-15

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