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What are the Keysight equivalent model numbers for Centellax BERT products and test accessories?
Click on the question for full details of the equivalent model numbers.

FAQ 2017-07-13

What does the check mark at the rear panel label of the E3600 series bench power supply mean?
The check mark on the rear panel label shows the AC power rating for this unit which shipped from the factory.

FAQ 2010-09-20

Why some bench power supply comes with yellow label stating 100V ONLY or 115V ONLY?
The main purpose of the yellow label (as shown below) is to caution customer ...

FAQ 2010-09-20

For the E363xA and E364xA Bench Power Supply, the display update speed when the "Display Limit" function is on is different from …
For the E363xA and E364xA Bench Power Supply (BPS), the display update speed is different because....

FAQ 2010-08-09

When will Keysight USB modular instruments and USB Modular DAQs supports Windows 7?
For 32 bit Windows 7, the supportability of modular instruments and DAQs will happen...

FAQ 2010-07-18

Why USB modular instruments (U272XA, U2741A, U2751A and U2761A) is not detectable by E5813A?
PC is failed to enumerate the USB modular instrument.

FAQ 2010-04-09

What is the difference between ARB and real-time signal generation?
This slide presentation describes the basic differences...

FAQ 2008-06-26

ESG and ESG-D Series: Digital Modulation Application Note

FAQ 2003-11-04

33120A: Manual Availability

FAQ 2003-06-03

33120A: Replacing the Output Protection Fuse

FAQ 2002-06-27