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What is the replacement of the discontinued fixtures/accessories for LCR meters/Impedance Analyzer?
The part which is identical with its product is available.

FAQ 2014-01-26

Is it possible to disable or enable the Automatic Logon for Windows on the ENA?
Yes. To disable or enable the Automatic logon for Windows in a Non-Domain System, perform the following:

FAQ 2012-12-18

What are the CPU clock speed and the memory size of the ENA?
Refer to following data. (as of July 2012)

FAQ 2012-12-11

How can the memory in the ENA be erased for security purposes?

FAQ 2012-04-17

What types of interfaces are available on the ENA?
Please refer to the manuals.

FAQ 2012-04-17

Is it possible to change the font size of softkey menu on ENA?
Yes. The font size of softkey menu can be changed with following procedure...

FAQ 2011-10-07

Why is Sweep Delay Time of the 4294A prolonged when DC bias is set to ON?
The DC bias source inside the 4294A requires a certain settling time before starting a sweep measurement.

FAQ 2010-07-02

What are the precautions when using the 4284A LCR Meter with the 42841A Bias Current Source and the 42842A/B Fixtures?

FAQ 2010-05-12

Why is a black paint adhered on one side of the air-line center conductor of the 16190B?
The black paint is a marking to indicate the directivity of the center conductor connected to the test port.

FAQ 2010-04-29

How can I check for anomaly in test fixture when the E4980A/ 4263B/ 4284A/ E4981A fails in open/short compensation for a particular test fixture?

FAQ 2010-01-26

Can State Files saved on the 4396A be recalled on the 4396B, and vice versa?
4396B can recall State Files saved on the 4396A.

FAQ 2008-11-17

Is there any requirement for the monitor display that can be used as an external monitor of the 4395A / 4396B?
Color monitors supporting VGA can be used as an external monitor of the 4395A / 4396B.

FAQ 2008-11-17

Can the 4339B be used for HIPOT (High-potential) tests?
No, the requirements of HIPOT tests are different from the insulation resistance tests and measurements.

FAQ 2008-09-11

Does the 4338B carry CE mark?
Yes, the 4338B carries the CE mark.

FAQ 2008-06-11

What are the criteria to be applied when choosing the instrument for C-V measurements from the 4294A and E4980A?
It depends on the size and the thickness of the gate oxide film of the device.

FAQ 2008-05-26

Is it possible to parallel more than 2 units of the 42841A to expand bias current output range?
No. Instrument does not have firmware to control more than 2 units of the 42841A. In addition, connecting more than 2 units of the 42841A may cause an "OVLD" status due to possible imbalance of DC bias source and sink currents.

FAQ 2008-05-26

What are the size, cable length and weight of the 42941A probe?
The 42941A has 15 cm long probe body, 1.5 m long cable and approximately 2.4 kg in weight.

FAQ 2008-05-20

Why is the 16008B furnished with an acrylic plate?
The 16008B is furnished with an acrylic plate to prevent the guard electrodes from being scratched when the 16008B is not in use.

FAQ 2008-05-16

How do I calculate the accuracy of 4284A when the desired stimulus is RMS current rather than RMS voltage?
The Keysight 4284A data sheet provides measurement accuracy as a function of stimulus level in RMS volts.

FAQ 2007-05-09