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Can I use somehow the 16453A for measurements up to 3 GHz?
No, the maximum usable frequency is 1 GHz because measurement uncertainty due to residual impedance of the 16453A rapidly increases at higher frequencies.

FAQ 2008-05-20

Why is it recommended to pre-form electrodes on both sides of thin film materials measured with the 16451B?
Pre-forming electrodes on both sides of film materials can minimize measurement errors due to air gaps between 16451B's electrodes and the material.

FAQ 2008-05-20

Can I use the 16118A to measure a resistance of high-value capacitor?
Yes, the 16118A can be used for measurement up to R (GΩ) x C (µF) ≤ 0.2 GΩ µF.Required charging time is approximately 1.5 x C (µF) seconds.

FAQ 2008-05-19

Does the 16008B comply with a certified method of national standard?
The 16008B is compatible with ASTM D257 Standard Test Methods for DC Resistance or Conductance of Insulating Materials.

FAQ 2008-05-15

Is it possible to measure the leakage inductance of a transformer via an LCR meter or impedance analyzer?
Yes, it is possible to measure the leakage inductance of a transformer via an LCR meter or impedance analyzer.

FAQ 2008-04-29

Can I measure temperature with the Keysight 34401A?
Most temperature sensors convert temperature to a corresponding resistance (thermistors and RTDs) or low-level dc voltag (thermocouples).

FAQ 2008-04-03

What is the minimum size SMD (surface mount device) that the Keysight 16095A probe test fixture can measure?
The 16095A standard probe tip diameter is approximately 1.0 mm...

FAQ 2008-01-14

How many ground connections do I need to make when using flying lead probes with a logic analyzer?
Generally speaking, the higher your data rate, the more ground connections you will need. We recommend that you use a minimum of one ground connection for every two signals

FAQ 2008-01-07

8510A,B,C: Noise Figure Measurements

FAQ 2007-12-05

While measuring capacitors with my Keysight impedance analyzer, I am realizing negative values for Q and D. Can you advise?
For low loss devices (high Q, low D) it is not uncommon to realize negative readings on an LCR meter / Impedance analyzer. Note that the negative reading is physically impossible (for passive components) and the following explanation is provided.

FAQ 2007-11-18

On my Keysight Impedance Analyzer, I am realizing measurement results which appear questionable. Can you explain?
The measurement results can often be improved with a simple modification in the type of correction applied by the instrument.

FAQ 2007-11-18

When loading an LDF, LIN Tester reports Error ( 773,20 ): More than 16 Schedule Tables. Why?
Due to memory resources in the LIN Spector, the allowed number of schedule tables is limited to 16.

FAQ 2007-10-05

When loading LDF, LIN Tester reports Error message (826,30): More than 64 Entries in Schedule Table:Config. Why?
Due to the limited memory in the LIN Spector the number of allowed entries in a schedule table is limited to 64.

FAQ 2007-10-05

How can I see the "Phase imbalance" evaluation result on the ENA?
You can perform phase imbalance measurement using Phase format with Phase Offset function.

FAQ 2007-09-12

ENA True Differential Measurement Methods
Click here to download a document containing frequently asked questions about ENA's true differential measurements.

FAQ 2007-07-10

How can I offset the voltage drop caused by long cable lengths from my dc power supply to the device under test (DUT)?
Normally, Keysight power supplies are delivered configured to deliver their full specs at the output terminals. In some application, where long lead lengths to the DUT are unavoidable, the regulation of the power supply at the DUT can be significan...

FAQ 2007-06-01

On the Keysight 4291A/B Impedance Analyzer, can I utilize a Standard Network Analyzer Calibration Kit to perform the test head calibration?
Test head calibration on the Keysight 4291A/B impedance analyzer is only supported with the included 4291A/B standards.

FAQ 2007-05-29

How do I calculate the accuracy of 4284A when the desired stimulus is RMS current rather than RMS voltage?
The Keysight 4284A data sheet provides measurement accuracy as a function of stimulus level in RMS volts.

FAQ 2007-05-09

While in the Spectrum Analyzer Mode on my Keysight 4395A Combination Analyzer, I can not modify the sweep time. Why?

FAQ 2007-02-27

In the 35670A marker function list, there is a "Band Power" function under Band Marker. How does the analyzer compute the Band Power?
Band Power calculation is done by summing the power contained in each of the frequency bins contained in the band and then dividing the result by the Effective Bandwidth.

FAQ 2007-01-16

Can I remove a 100V or above common mode voltage when making thermocouple measurements using the 34970A?
Yes, for less than 300V peak by setting the internal DMM's integration time to a value of 1 or larger number of power line cycles.

FAQ 2007-01-10

Why I am getting incorrect results when measuring the temperature of a switch with the 34901A?
If you are doing thermocouple measurements with an AC signal, you need expect noise in the readings. You can reduce this noise by applying the common mode noise rejection.

FAQ 2007-01-09

When using TV trigger mode with a Keysight oscilloscope, can I trigger only on even or odd fields?
Yes. All current Keysight scopes with TV triggering are capable of exclusively triggering on odd or even fields.

FAQ 2006-12-04

Why do I see more noise on my oscilloscope when a probe is connected?
When a probe is connected, the scope changes its attenuation setting so that it correctly displays the voltage coming from the probe.

FAQ 2006-12-04

Can my 54600-series or 6000-series scope use channels 3 and 4 for XY mode or math functions?
These oscilloscopes can perform math functions such as FFT, integration, and differentiation on any analog channel or even on another math function. But they cannot use channel 3 or 4 for XY mode, addition, subtraction, or multiplication.

FAQ 2006-11-04

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