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When I save a Touchstone file with the ENA / ENA-L, which calculation will be reflected in the Touchstone file?
All calculations are reflected in the Touchstone file except for the mixed-mode conversion.

FAQ 2011-10-07

The "set Zo" function does not appear to affect the displayed S-parameters of my network analyzer. How does this function work?

FAQ 2011-10-07

On the ENA, how can I make CW sweep (Fixed frequency) without turning off the ENA's output signal each time a sweep finishes?
Turn off the "Init Src Ctrl" feature, then hold trigger.

FAQ 2011-10-07

Does the touchstone file generated by the ENA / ENA-L include the electrical delay?
The touchstone files do not include electrical delay. Please use port extension.

FAQ 2011-10-07

What are the equations that relate Real and Imaginary data pairs to Log Magnitude, Polar, Phase, and Smith Chart formats?

FAQ 2011-10-07

Using the VBA program, can the ENA / ENA-L control the handler interface to control other peripherals?

FAQ 2011-10-07

How do I convert a percentage(linear) to a dB(logarithmic) value as most of the accuracy values stated in power meter data sheet are in percentage?
1% is equal to 0.0432dB

FAQ 2011-09-12

How do I convert dBm to dBmV since power meter display unit is in dBm?
dBmV = dBm + 47, if the load impedance is 50 Ohm

FAQ 2011-09-12

In ACLR eNB limit, LTE 3MHz bandwidth adjacent channel carrier filter BW is the same as channel BW. Is this true?
No. The bandwidth of filter should be transmission bandwidth configuration BWconfig, not channel BW.

FAQ 2011-07-25

How can I know the stray capacitance and residual inductance values from OPEN A/B and SHORT A/B measurement data displayed on the E4980A LCD?
The E4980A displays the open admittance and the short impedance obtained for Open/Short compensation as OPEN A, OPEN B, SHORT A and SHORT B values on the CORRECTION Setup page.

FAQ 2011-06-07

How can the S21 to transmission impedance (Zt) conversion equation on the 4395A Operation Manual be derived?
The equivalent circuit model of transmission measurement is as follows.

FAQ 2011-06-03

For the 4395A / 4396B combination analyzer in spectrum analyzer mode with the noise format. Are the indicated units in error for this mode?

FAQ 2011-05-06

Will there be specification, performance characteristic or usability differences when using the 11970 Series mixers on the PXA?
Yes, there will be several differences when using 11970 Series mixers with the PXA.

FAQ 2011-04-26

My X-Series Signal Analyzer is running slowly. What is happening?
If anti-virus or spyware software has been installed on the instrument, it may affect the speed of the analyzer.

FAQ 2011-03-24

Can I control a Keysight 4284A/E4980A using my B1500A to make CV measurements and display the results in the EasyEXPERT data display window?

FAQ 2011-02-15

How do I determine and set the sample rate of the vector signal analyzer (VSA) for my application?
See content for details...

FAQ 2010-11-22

How do I know my N4010A can support 40MHz Bandwidth?
You can check it thru the front panel. Click on the question above for a fuller description.

FAQ 2010-11-09

What is the feature of the 40kHz video bandwidth in U2000 series power sensor?
The 40kHz video bandwidth allows user to measure pulse/burst signals up to 40kHz ...

FAQ 2010-10-07

How can I input 28V digital signal to U2651A/U2652A when it support digital input voltage < 24V?
You can connect a voltage divider in front of the digital input to reduce the voltage to <24V

FAQ 2010-10-07

When measuring a capacitor via a Keysight LCR meter, what is the best circuit mode, Cs or Cp?
To measure L, C, or R, there are two equivalent circuit models.The LCR meter can select the mode by setting the FUNC (function) to Cp, Cs, Lp or Ls.

FAQ 2010-09-30

What is the difference between the E5092A Configurable Multiport Test set and E5091A multiport test set?
The E5092A offers more application coverage than the E5091A with better analog performance.

FAQ 2010-09-19

How do I extract the 32Mpts from U270xA?
One way of “viewing” the full memory waveform is using the zoom function (that the red arrow...

FAQ 2010-09-14

When a B-model or H-model of the E-Series Power Sensors (with a 30 dB attenuator attached) is connected to a EPM Series, EPM-P Series or …
When a B- or H-model of the E-Series Power Sensors is connected to a EPM, EPM-P or P-Series Power Meter, the power level is 0 dBm because…..

FAQ 2010-08-09

If I set Channel 1 of U2300A/U2500A with voltage range of 5V, I get a reading of 4.99968 when nothing is connected to the DAQ.
If you don't have anything connected to the DAQ and you do an acquisition out of it, the result…

FAQ 2010-08-09

Why do we see unused port in U2300A/U2500A with similar waveform and frequency but with lower amplitude to its adjacent or close by used port?
It is recommended to ground all the AI connection that is not being used. If you have multiples of AI channels to be used, one good way is to have…

FAQ 2010-08-09

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