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Do corrections work with frequency and amplitude offsets?
Yes, however, the amplitude flatness accuracy is set by the spectrum analyzer flatness accuracy across the signal bandwidth...

FAQ 2012-12-28

How many measurements do I need to make and how long is the predistortion data good?
The number of measurements needed depends on the number of parameters that are changed. The calibration (measurement data) could be valid for two days or longer.

FAQ 2012-12-28

Is it possible on the Keysight ENA series Network Analyzers to over-ride the output source blanking at every sweep end?
Yes, the output source blanking on sweep retrace can be prevented by turning off the Initial Source Port Control function.

FAQ 2012-12-18

What is the difference between an "ECal Confidence Check" and a Network Analyzer "System Verification" test?
The ECal Confidence Check is a method to check the accuracy of a calibration performed with either a mechanical cal kit or an ECal module. System verification testing provides network analyzer users a method to verify that the network analyzer is ...

FAQ 2012-12-18

Can I make absolute measurements on the ENA?

FAQ 2012-12-10

On the Keysight E4980A, what is the "DC Source Option 001 (±10 VDC Max)" and how is it utilized?
A summary description of the enhancements provided by E4980A option 001 - 'Power and DC Bias Enhancement Option'

FAQ 2012-12-02

Can I manually set the sample rate on my InfiniiVision oscilloscope?
Although the sample rate cannot be directly set on any InfiniiVision oscilloscope, it can be set indirectly by adjusting the oscilloscopes time per division setting.

FAQ 2012-10-30

Will the external mixer Option EXM support the 11974 Series preselected mixers?
There are no plans to support the 11974 Series preselected mixers with the N9030A PXA.

FAQ 2012-10-25

What is the difference between the Auto and Normal trigger modes on InfiniiVision oscilloscopes?
In auto trigger mode, the trigger will be forced if the specified conditions are not met. In normal trigger mode, the trigger will never be forced and a trigger will only occur if the specified conditions are met.

FAQ 2012-10-17

Which Keysight oscilloscopes have a 10 MHz reference input/output?
6000 Series, 6000L Series, 7000A Series, 7000B Series, 9000 Series, 54850 Series (Output only), 80000A Series, 80000B Series, 90000A Series and 90000 X-Series

FAQ 2012-10-17

How can I de-embed a test fixture using the 86100C/D Digital Communications Analyzer?
N1010A software with InfiniiSIM-DCA option provides the capability to de-embed and embed fixtures, cables, probes, and other circuit elements.

FAQ 2012-09-25

How to calculate the bit clock frequency under DSI interface of U8903A?
The Bit clock frequency can be calculated by multipling the number of channels,bit length and frame clock frequency.

FAQ 2012-08-25

What is the maximum bit clock cycle per frame for DSI interface of U8903A?
64 bit clock cycle per frame.

FAQ 2012-07-25

Why is the FSK modulation index of the ESG limited to about 4 or less on the E4438C and 1 or less on the E443XB?
The interpolation in the DSP algorithms for the baseband generator limits the modulation index.

FAQ 2012-06-07

Does the E4406A or PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer provide GSM trigger to time zero (T0) timing in order to test Enhanced Observed Time Difference Tec...
Yes, the EDGE / GSM measurement personalities for the E4406A and PSA Series provide precise nanosecond timing between an external trigger and the training sequency T0 transition point. (click here for more details).

FAQ 2012-05-28

How do I perform WCDMA Power Control measurements on the E4406A or PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers?
Reverse link power control measurements can be made using the W-CDMA (Option BAF) power control measurement. Power control analysis on the downlink can be done in the Code Domain Power measurement using the Symbol Power vs. Time view.

FAQ 2012-05-28

Does the E4406A or PSA Series support GPRS measurements?
Both the E4406A and PSA Series support GPRS measurements. For the E4406A, option BAH (GSM) or option 202 (EDGE with GSM) are required. For the PSA, option 202 (GSM with EDGE) and option B7J (Digital Demodulation hardware) are required.

FAQ 2012-05-28

How do a take a sweep with both the Quasi-Peak and EMI Average detector at the same time with an MXE EMI Receiver?
Switch to EMI Receiver mode...

FAQ 2012-05-10

Why do I get a Meas Uncal message when I select either the Quasi-Peak or EMI Average detector for taking a full band sweep with the MXE EMI Receiver?
Sweeptime has reached its maximum. See complete FAQ for further details...

FAQ 2012-05-10

How do I make the signal list compare measurements made with the detectors used to different limit lines in my MXE EMI Receiver?
Meas Setup, Detectors (Measure)...

FAQ 2012-05-10

Does 89600 VSA software (89601) support the Bluetooth® Difference Error Vector Magnitude (DEVM) test?
The 89601 Option AYA does not provide DEVM results for Bluetooth basic measurement. Keysight recommends using N9081A Bluetooth measurement application.

FAQ 2012-03-27

How can I make field strength measurements on my handheld spectrum analyzer?
Each of the HSA products supports field strength measurements.

FAQ 2012-03-02

Can I order a 3.5 mm connector for 26 GHz and below PXAs? Will the 3.5 mm connector be available on the 40/50 GHz units?
3.5 mm connector (Option C35) is orderable on the 26.5 GHz N9030A PXA (Option 526 only) starting in April 2011. The 43, 44 and 50 GHz N9030A PXAs (options 543, 544, 550) have 2.4 mm connectors.

FAQ 2012-03-02

What is the frequency coverage of the handheld spectrum analyzers?
The frequency of the HSA varies by model.

FAQ 2012-03-01

How can I measure the Channel Power of my signal on a PSA or ESA with the Max Hold function on?
The Band Power marker function may be used to make this measurement.

FAQ 2012-02-28

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