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How Do I Measure the Bit Error Rate (BER) to a Given Confidence Level on the J-BERT M8020A and the M8040A High-Performance BERT?
How do I measure Bit Error Rate (BER) to a given confidence level on J-BERT M8020A and M8040A high-performance BERT?

FAQ 2018-03-01

Will the external mixer Option EXM support the 11974 Series preselected mixers?
There are no plans to support the 11974 Series preselected mixers with the N9030A PXA.

FAQ 2012-10-25

Which Keysight oscilloscopes have a 10 MHz reference input/output?
6000 Series, 6000L Series, 7000A Series, 7000B Series, 9000 Series, 54850 Series (Output only), 80000A Series, 80000B Series, 90000A Series and 90000 X-Series

FAQ 2012-10-17

How can I de-embed a test fixture using the 86100C/D Digital Communications Analyzer?
N1010A software with InfiniiSIM-DCA option provides the capability to de-embed and embed fixtures, cables, probes, and other circuit elements.

FAQ 2012-09-25

Does 89600 VSA software (89601) support the Bluetooth® Difference Error Vector Magnitude (DEVM) test?
The 89601 Option AYA does not provide DEVM results for Bluetooth basic measurement. Keysight recommends using N9081A Bluetooth measurement application.

FAQ 2012-03-27

How do I make spectrum analysis measurements on signals above 50 GHz using a PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer (E4440A, E4446A, E4448A)?
The PSA offers an option (AYZ) enabling the use of external millimeter harmonic mixers.

FAQ 2012-02-28

What is the frequency range of the N5532A Sensor Module?
100 kHz to 4.2 GHz, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, 30 MHz to 26.5 GHz, and 30 MHz to 50 GHz.

FAQ 2012-02-26

Will there be specification, performance characteristic or usability differences when using the 11970 Series mixers on the PXA?
Yes, there will be several differences when using 11970 Series mixers with the PXA.

FAQ 2011-04-26

How do I know my N4010A can support 40MHz Bandwidth?
You can check it thru the front panel. Click on the question above for a fuller description.

FAQ 2010-11-09

What is the difference between the E5092A Configurable Multiport Test set and E5091A multiport test set?
The E5092A offers more application coverage than the E5091A with better analog performance.

FAQ 2010-09-19

What is the performance of the E5092A below its specification of 50 MHz?
See measured results.

FAQ 2010-05-17

Can we control multiple E5092As from one ENA for increasing the number of test ports?
Yes, you can control up to two E5092As from one ENA.

FAQ 2009-12-02

Can I convert my MWA file of the E5091A Multiport Test Set for utilizing with the E5092A Configurable Multiport Test Set?
Yes, you can convert your MWA file for the E5092A by selecting the equivalent configuration to the E5091A.

FAQ 2009-07-15

How do I confirm if my measurements can be performed with the selected configuration of the E5092A?
The MWA software for the ENA recognizes the architecture of the E5092A, and automatically detects measurement paths that can not be performed with the selected switching configuration.

FAQ 2009-07-15

Can we set up a set of different tests (i.e. different limit tests) with the MWA software?
Yes, you can manage up to ten different measurement setups on the same device with the MWA.

FAQ 2009-07-15

Can I use the MWA software for my ENA without the multiport test set?
Yes, the 4-port ENA without the test set can be controlled by the MWA.

FAQ 2009-07-15

Can we control the MWA software from an external PC?
Yes, some functions on the MWA are supported for the remote control.

FAQ 2009-07-15

What are the frequency limitations on the various probes utilized with the Keysight 85070E Dielectric Probe Kit and why?
The 85070E Dielectric Probe options 020, 030 and 050 have maximum frequeny via the E4991A Impedance Analyzer of 3 GHz.

FAQ 2009-06-26

Is there a sample file of the MWA software that I can customize for my DUT?
Yes, MWA files of some example devices can be downloaded from Keysight web page.

FAQ 2009-06-22

Is it possible to supply a DC control voltage to a multiport DUT with the E5092A?
Yes, the E5092A has the functions of internal DC sources that can be supplied to the DUT.

FAQ 2009-05-25

What is the gray flat plate on the right side of the machine, near the exit conveyor for?
The grey flat plate on the right (exit) side of the machine is for Laser safety.

FAQ 2009-03-01

Is the laser turned on all the time?
The lasers are turned on during the raster scanning.

FAQ 2009-03-01

What are the laser safety requirements?
The SP50 lasers are Class IIIb with the doors closed and Class II with the doors open.

FAQ 2009-02-26

Once my process is fine-tuned do I still need process control?
Yes. Once a process is fine-tuned it needs to be monitored to catch random defects and to track process drifts to prevent defects.

FAQ 2009-02-26

The SP50 reports average height but when it does the volume calculation, does it calculate the solder paste volume for each deposit based on an ave...
The SP50 computes volume as the product of area and average height.

FAQ 2009-02-26

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