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On my E8267D, I get an error that the signal requires more repeats than supported, can I increase this limit with the internal baseband option?
No. To increase the number of pulse capacity either upgrade to an External Baseband option with the N8241A AWG or ...

FAQ 2012-12-30

Why does the option 001 33120A display "UNLOCKED" when turned on?
The 33120A temporarily displays the "UNLOCKED" message during a self-test...

FAQ 2005-02-02

What does Error 771 on my Keysight 33120A waveform generator mean?
Error 771, "Nonvolatile cal memory checksum error" is most often due to some type of calibration error.

FAQ 2003-06-03

What does the error message number displayed on the front of my 33120A waveform generator mean?
Full descriptions of error codes may be found in Chapter 5 of the 33120A User's Guide.

FAQ 2003-06-03

Why do I get error 580 when I power the 33120A on?
Error 580 means that your 33120A has lost the external clock.

FAQ 2003-06-03

Why do I get a syntax error (error -102) when I try to transfer a waveform from Keysight BenchLink Arb to the Keysight 33120A?
You probably need to upgrade to the latest version of Keysight BenchLink Arb (Version 1.41).

FAQ 2002-08-30