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How do I convert *.svw file to *.csv file in PC Link for U160xA/B?
1) From within PC Link, click on the "Load SVW" icon on the tool bar...

FAQ 2010-07-18

I get error from the example "C:\Program Files\Keysight\RF Switch Driver\Examples\VS.NET\CSharp\Example1".
The temporary solution to this is to load the U2931A .dll file that was not loaded with the...

FAQ 2010-07-18

When do I need to perform “Calibrate All” and “Calibrate I/Q Balance” on my N4010A?
There are several scenarios where we recommend you do both calibrations. Click on the question above for a fuller description.

FAQ 2010-07-07

How can I connect the N6700 Series Power Supplies to a LAN?
In order to control the N6700 Series Power Supplies via LAN, please ensure that the instrument is being given an IP address or the correct IP address is entered manually.

FAQ 2010-05-14

Is number of bits the only factor to look at if I'm measuring at very low voltage say 5mVpp?
No it is not. Often times, you will have to look at the Gain Error and Offset Error as well as...

FAQ 2010-05-10

No Title
Instead of the ("Counter value"/"48 x 10^6") as the duration in seconds taken to count, it is...

FAQ 2010-05-10

Why USB modular instruments (U272XA, U2741A, U2751A and U2761A) is not detectable by E5813A?
PC is failed to enumerate the USB modular instrument.

FAQ 2010-04-09

Why my N8300A will shut down when I select restart?
The application at N8300A must be close before you restart.

FAQ 2010-03-24

How to check the condition of the fuses in U1253A/U1253B before you use it?
To test the fuses inside the U1253A/U1253B OLED display DMM, just follow the instructions as follows…

FAQ 2010-03-22

My InfiniiMax probe fails calibration or does not accurately pick up the cal signal when I use the E2655A test fixture. What could be wrong?
The first step in troubleshooting a failed probe calibration should be to compare the actual signal and the probed signal. If the probed signal does not track the actual signal well, it is most likely due to a poor connection.

FAQ 2010-03-09

Why does my N4010A sometimes fail EDR Relative Power on a good DUT?
This may happen if the firmware is A.05.03.10 (or newer).

FAQ 2010-02-02

Is there any special setting that I need to do in Keysight VEE before using the U2300A or U2500A DAQ with it?
Yes. In fact it is the most important thing you need to set before using the DAQ with Keysight VEE. As most instruments uses MSB byte ordering, DAQ...

FAQ 2009-12-15

Check disk often runs when the E5070B/71B or E5061A/62A power up. Why?
Shutdown process might be failed. Uninstall the unsupported software or use special shutdown process when you want to shutdown the unit.

FAQ 2009-11-17

What is the main difference between the digital output (DO) of the U2100A, U2600A, U2300A and U2500A?
The DO port of U2100A and U2600A requires external power supply to be pumped into the port...

FAQ 2009-10-20

Why do I receive an error message below ?
Generally, if you are sampling at 60kSa/s and above, you should use high sampling mode to acquire data. This is just a rough guideline. If you encountered this message even when....

FAQ 2009-08-06

N4903A: Our N4903A lost all of its licensed options. Can they be recovered?
The licenses are tied to the Host ID. Since the unit has two ethernet cards, it may be that the wrong Host ID is being used to check licensing.

FAQ 2009-08-06

How do I configure the E5813A Event Logging features in the E5813A LAN/USB Gateway Configuration Utility?
The E5813A Event Logging features are for internal diagnostic/troubleshooting of the device......

FAQ 2009-08-06

Windows runs successfully but the ENA-L firmware doesn't start. How can it be solved?
Perform system recovery and then install the firmware 3.01 or later.

FAQ 2009-08-06

Why does handheld scope’s DMM measurement frequently stall after one hour of continuous operation?
This condition indicates that the internal memory battery level has dropped to 1.4V or lower.

FAQ 2009-07-16

Why can’t my PC connect to my InfiniiVision oscilloscope via its LAN/USB/GPIB interface?
There are many possible reasons for this, but a very common problem is that the interface has not been enabled on the scope.

FAQ 2009-05-25

How do I resolve Error 631/Error 635 when it appears on the display of the 34405A Digital Multimeter during self-test?
You can resolve Error 631/Error 635 on the 34405A Digital Multimeter by performing a firmware upgrade….

FAQ 2009-03-25

Where can I find manuals for Keysight EEsof EDA products?
Complete product documentation for all of our current products can be found at

FAQ 2009-02-03

Why doesn't Windows® detect new hardware when I plug the E5813A USB Hub into the computer?
The new hardware is not detected when you plug the E5813A USB Hub into the computer because the PC driver may not be installed properly....

FAQ 2009-01-12

What can I do if my U8101A Display Tester is not able to power up?
If the power button LED light on the front panel of the U8101A Display Tester does not turn green after the power button is pressed….

FAQ 2008-11-30

Cal kit data error could occur when language setting is changed from English on the ENA.
Please change the language setting back to the default (English).

FAQ 2008-10-08

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