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How to measure output frequency of E4981A Capacitance Meter?
To measure the output frequency of E4981A Capacitance Meter, interface box (Keysight part number: 04294-61002) is required…

FAQ 2017-09-20

Where can I find information on E4980A/AL error messages?
E4980A/AL error messages are described in Appendix B of the Users Guide.

FAQ 2017-06-28

When should I perform system recovery?
When you encounter the following problems, it's necessary to perform system recovery...

FAQ 2012-12-11

On the ENA I am receiving the message "Continuous switching may damage source attenuator". What corrective actions should I pursue?

FAQ 2012-03-16

On the ENA / ENA-L, it appears as though only the first channel is activated. Is this normal?

FAQ 2011-10-07

What is the possible cause of the difference when the permittivity measured with the 16453A is different from the value previously obtained?
Most likely cause of the measurement discrepancy or drift is insufficient electrode pressure due to improper pressure adjustment.

FAQ 2011-06-07

How to recover the operating system.
For details, refer to "System Installation for A27 Mass Storage", in the service manual.

FAQ 2008-06-27

My 16099A test fixture adapter cannot be connected to the 16191A/16192A/16193A.
An old version of the 16099A cannot be connected to the 16191A/16192A/16193A. A modification is required.

FAQ 2008-05-11

My Keysight 4284A / 4285A LCR Meter is indicating an "ADC ERR" error message. What are the corrective actions?
The error message is an indication that the LCR meter's A/D converter within the measurement circuit is malfunctioning.

FAQ 2007-05-03