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What is the minimum noise figure that can be measured using the N897xA NFA Series?
There is no minimum level that can be measured

FAQ 2003-08-26

What is the best Displayed Average Noise Level Specifications for the ESA-E series?
The best DANL on the ESA Series is -151 dBm and is reached using the optional narrow resolution bandwidth filters and the pre-amplifier.

FAQ 2003-06-12

66xxA: Power Supplies with Inductive Loads

FAQ 2003-06-04

605xA and 606xB: Determining Accuracy in CR Mode

FAQ 2003-06-04

68xxA/B: DC Voltages from an AC Source

FAQ 2003-06-04

68xxA: Watts, VA, Power Factor, Efficiency

FAQ 2003-06-04

66xxA, 68xxB, E36xxA and N330xA: Power Supply Cooling Requirements

FAQ 2003-06-04

661xC and 663xB: Current Measurement Range

FAQ 2003-06-04

606xB and 6050xA: Using Electronic Loads Below 3 Volts

FAQ 2003-06-04

What is the voltage limit that is considered open for diode testing?
The 34401A diode test function was designed specifically for silicon diodes. The cutoff voltage for diode testing is 0.8 VDC.

FAQ 2003-06-04

E3631A and E3632A: Output 'OFF' State, What Is the Actual Output?

FAQ 2003-06-04

33120A: Maximum Output Current

FAQ 2003-06-03

33120A: EMC Standards Compliance

FAQ 2003-06-03

What is the frequency accuracy of the 33120A?
The Keysight 33120A has the following specifications.

FAQ 2003-06-03

What is the relay bouncing specification for the 44472A?
Relay ‘bouncing time’ is a natural phenomenon of a mechanical relay. Most often the bouncing time is not supplied in the specification.

FAQ 2003-06-02

ESG Series: What is the output power accuracy with and without digital modulation?

FAQ 2003-03-14

ESG and ESG-D Series: Does the ESG Series do fast frequency hopping?
The ESG Series does not do fast frequency hopping

FAQ 2003-03-14

What are the types of fiber used in the different 8614XB Series Optical Spectrum Analyzer?
The types of fiber are described in the table below.

FAQ 2003-01-23

What is the typical output level switching speed for the 8362xB/L signal generators with an attenuator change?
The typical output level switching speed with an attenuator change is >/=30ms. This number does NOT include the...

FAQ 2002-10-25

Will Embedded PCs work in the E8408A?
The E623xA Embedded PCs work in the E8408A. The E9850A and E9851A Embedded PCs will not work in the E8408A and are not supported.

FAQ 2002-09-17

How do we define a 'Large Block' of data when talking about the E8491B (FireWire)?
We define large data blocks as including 64 kbytes or more.

FAQ 2002-09-17

How many FireWire ports does the new OHCI, PC Plug-in card (E8491B Option 001) include?
The OHCI card includes 3 external FireWire ports.

FAQ 2002-09-17

Why Do I Only See 14 Bits of Resolution When I Have the E1432 or E1433 Set to 16 Bits?
The E1432 and 1433 digitize data with 16 bit resolution. The resolution that you observe when you examine the digitized data depends on the data size mode to which you program the E1432/33.

FAQ 2002-09-12

Can I capture a color bitmap image from the instruments that support color (Keysight 54616C, 54620C)?
Most toolbars for instruments with color displays do support color bitmaps, such as ESA, PSA, VNA, and Infiniium. However, the 54600-series oscilloscope does not support color bitmaps.

FAQ 2002-09-09

What is the scan speed of Keysight 3499A/B/C Modules?
The Keysight 3499A/B/C modules use armature latching relays and can scan at rates up to 80 channels per second.

FAQ 2002-09-05

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