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FieldFox Manuals, Firmware, Software and Product Support
Manuals, firmware upgrade, software trials & upgrade and support page for FieldFox analyzers

FAQ 2020-02-24

Is there any system level specification for the M9485A?
No, there is no system level specification.

FAQ 2017-05-25

What is the dimension and connector location of each modules of the M9485A?

FAQ 2017-05-19

How do I measure accurately below -60dBm using U2040 X-Series Sensor?
Click on the question above for recommended steps.

FAQ 2015-12-14

What is the operating temperature range for 34138A test lead set?
The operating temperature range is limited to the DMM model with which it is used....

FAQ 2015-08-21

What specification adder should be applied when performing Ohms measurements with OCOMP off?
Information on applying the Ohms specification with OCOMP OFF and OCOMP ON.

FAQ 2014-04-27

What are the differences between the E4980A and 4284A?
Most of the E4980A functions are compatible with the 4284A's. Since some enhancements and updates of functionality are incorporated in the E4980A, there are primary differences summarized in the table.

FAQ 2014-04-07

What is the certification (and recertification) process for calibration kit torque wrenches?

FAQ 2014-03-24

What is the accuracy of ENA time domain measurements?
The TDR/TDT measurement uncertainty is provided in the following table.

FAQ 2014-02-01

Can I operate 86107A over continuous frequency bands?
The 86107A can operate over the following continuous frequency range if the 86100A/B/C mainframe has firmware revision A04.10 or above.

FAQ 2013-12-12

Can I retrofit option H75 or H76 on my 478A Coaxial Thermistor Mount sensor?
The option H75 and H76 can not be retrofitted on an existing 478A. Either of these options must be ordered at the time the 478A is originally purchased.

FAQ 2013-11-17

Can I measure duty cycle or pulse width with the U1251A/U1252A Handheld Digital Multimeter?
Yes, you can measure duty cycle or pulse width with the U1251A and U1252A Handheld Digital Multimeter.

FAQ 2013-11-17

66xxA, E363xA and E364xA: Ca Keysight Power Supplies Sink Current?
Yes! Sinking, or down-programming, is the ability to pull current into the positive terminal of a power supply.

FAQ 2013-01-22

Do I need to perform a periodic front panel instrument alignment on my N9039A RF Preselector?
No, but there is a system alignment that needs to be periodically run. See FAQ content for details...

FAQ 2012-12-11

What is the typical power consumption of the 86100C and 86100D Digital Communications Analyzer?
Typical measurements of 86100C and 86100D power consumption

FAQ 2012-09-25

What is the start frequency of FieldFox instruments?
Standard is 2 MHz

FAQ 2012-08-20

What is the measurement uncertainty for the 8902A Option 50?
The only uncertainty in the 8902A Option 050 test system should be the accuracy of the attenuation source.

FAQ 2012-05-30

Where can I find detailed specifications for the E4406A, PSA Series, ESA Series Spectrum Analyzers?
We publish both an abbreviated Data Sheet and complete Specifications Guide for these analyzers. You can find the complete specifications guide by looking under Manuals, Guides, and Notifications at the bottom of each product web page.

FAQ 2012-05-28

For the PSA Series and E4406A VSA Series 1xEV-DO measurement personality, why did the Modulation Accuracy (Composite Rho) measurement change names ...
In the cdma2000 standard, Rho is a common parameter name used to express modulation quality. However, 3GPP2 uses the term Waveform Quality in the 1xEV-DO conformance tests, and the 1xEV-DO measurement personality was updated to use the same termi...

FAQ 2012-05-28

What features and accessories are included in the standard E7495A Wireless Base Station Test Set?
The standard instrument includes the Antenna / Cable and Spectrum Analyzer modes and an internal GPS receiver and accessories and more. Click here for more details.

FAQ 2012-05-28

How often do I need to run the RF Preselector alignments in my MXE?
Every 14 days or when the temperature changes by 3 degrees...

FAQ 2012-05-09

What are the dimensions, instrument weight, and shipping weights of the ESA family of Spectrum Analyzers?
The instrument weight and shipping weight vary for each product.

FAQ 2012-03-16

What Options would my PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer require to operate in an N5530S / N5531S Measuring Receiver system?
It is highly recommended that your PSA have with Option 1DS (100 kHz to 3 GHz Preamplifier) or Option 110 (10 MHz to 26.5 GHz / 50 GHz preamplifier) for improved dynamic range.

FAQ 2012-03-15

ESG and ESG-D Series: Selectivity Measurements
The ESG-D Series provides the appropriate adjacent channel power (ACP)

FAQ 2012-03-13

What field of view (FOV) magnifications are available?
The x6000 does not use the field of view (FOV) concept, it uses an autofocus technique that sizes the inspection image to the joint type being inspected. Several slices are evaluated for the sharpest region to determine the slice location.

FAQ 2012-03-12

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