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Is the collet (center contact) of the 16454A identical to that of the 42942A (part number 1250-0907)?
Yes, When replacing the collet (center contact) of the 16454A, you can use the same part (part number 1250-0907) as that used in the 42942A.

FAQ 2009-01-12

Can I order separately the clip leads and probe leads included in the 16338A?
Yes, the respective clip leads, probe lead and mating cable of the 16338A can be ordered by part numbers.

FAQ 2008-07-02

How can I accomplish the adjustments and performance tests using other PI test fixtures like 41901A or 41902A than the 41900A?
Before starting the calibration, you should set the appropriate calibration standard values for the 41901A or 41902A, which refers to E4915A/16A User's guide page 5-12.

FAQ 2008-06-27

Can I replace the 16008B's conductive elastomer when it is deteriorated?
No, since the conductive elastomer cannot be removed from the main electrode assembly of the 16008B, replace whole main electrode assembly with new one.

FAQ 2008-05-16

How can I order supplemental parts for component test fixtures/accessories?
You can order the necessary parts by the part numbers shown in the Accessories Selection Guide for Impedance Measurements.

FAQ 2008-04-22

What is the part number for the AC power fuse in the N4010A?
Keysight part number 2110-1417.

FAQ 2008-01-31

FAQs: Error Messages

FAQ 2008-01-18

FAQs: Service Support

FAQ 2008-01-18

What is the expected lifetime of the relays used in the Keysight 34970A plug-in modules?
The Keysight 34970A Relay Maintenance System automatically counts the cycles on each relay in the instrument and stores the total count in non-volatile memory on each switch module.

FAQ 2008-01-08

How much torque can I apply to the connectors on my N4011A?
0.9 Nm (approximately 0.66 lb/ft)

FAQ 2007-10-30

What is the short-cut key to press to "login" to Engineer Test?

FAQ 2007-09-12

What should I ensure before execute "switch"?
Ensure that the licenses are in "Agilent_ICT\lib\i3070Mux" and in "Agilent_ICT\lib\i3070UnMux".

FAQ 2007-09-12

Why my data didn't get save after edited Lower Tolerance Limit?
After manual edited parameters or options, 'Save Test' combo box must be checked before save.

FAQ 2007-09-12

How do you add all the ICT user accounts and groups?
Double click the batch file at "Agilent_ICT\home\system\3070accounts.bat".

FAQ 2007-09-12

What is the usage of the "on failure report"?
Allow the user to enter report failures such as 'parallel device' to the particular test.

FAQ 2007-09-12

How to remove the "Component Navigation"?
Uncheck "View-Engineer-Component Navigation".

FAQ 2007-09-12

How do you add a "switch" icon on the desktop?
At Korn Shell or DOS window, execute "C:\Agilent_ICT\util\switch\switch i3070".

FAQ 2007-09-12

Why the commands that I type not supported in command line?
User can "filter off" to enable back filtered commands. But software may fail due to some commands are not supported.

FAQ 2007-09-12

Where the licenses are stored initially?
"Agilent_ICT\lib\i3070Mux" or "Agilent_ICT\lib\i3070UnMux".

FAQ 2007-09-12

What is the short-cut key for "Run N Times"?

FAQ 2007-09-12

How does Auto-Guarding select a node for Guarding?
Each Guard node is "weighted" and the priority of which Guard node to use depends on the "weight" given to that node.

FAQ 2007-09-12

How to sort the Rule Name according to device types at Rule Database?
Select a device type in Ruleset navigation. Rule Database will show all the rule names that device type selected.

FAQ 2007-09-12

How to remove the "Test Execution"?
Uncheck "View-Engineer-Test Execution".

FAQ 2007-09-12

What is the password for login to Engineer Test?
"engineer" password is "engineer" OR "user" password is "user".

FAQ 2007-09-12

How to display short format for the Column Name?
Click "Edit-Preferences", go to Engineer Test Tab, select "Short" and click OK.

FAQ 2007-09-12

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