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What is the Keysight part number for the CR2032 3V Lithium battery used on the CPU board in the 5483x, 5485x, MSO8000, and DSO80000 Series Infiniium...
The Keysight part number is 1420-0356. However, this is a very common battery and may be available at camera shops, electronic suppliers, etc.

FAQ 2006-11-13

What are the items necessary to remove and replace an APC-7 (7mm) connector collets?
The APC-7 center conductor collet (85050-20001) and the APC-7 connector collet extractor tool (5060-0370)

FAQ 2006-10-31

What is the fuse rating on the main power supply assembly in the 33220A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator?
Important: Replace entire power supply. Fuse type UL/IEC127, rated 250VAC H 3.15A

FAQ 2006-10-02

How can I determine the firmware revision for the 8153A mainframe?
You can determine the firmware for the 8153A mainframe by performing the following steps.

FAQ 2006-10-01

34970A: How do I confirm that my RS-232 cable is working properly?
By placing a short on one end of the RS-232 cable and connecting the other to a PC, you can use Hyperterminal to verify if the cable is working properly.

FAQ 2006-08-29

How is the 34970A Multiplexer Modules Thermocouple Cold Junction Reference Temperature Calibrated?
Use the procedure for the 34901A, 34902A, 34908A modules reference junction verification and adjustment are located in the 34970A Service Guide.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Is the 34970A Product Family ISO 9000 Compliant?
Yes. The ISO 9000 statement is included with the Certificate...

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Do the Modules for the 34970A need to be calibrated?
It is optional and dependent on the application the modules are being used in.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Does the 34970A need to be calibrated if I purchased option 001?
Since the unit 34970A with option 001 does not include the digital multimeter, no calibration is required.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: What Is the recommended calibration interval for the 34970A?
Keysight recommends a 12-month calibration interval.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Is it possible to measure the relay cycle count?
The instrument has a relay maintenance system to help predict relay end-of-life.

FAQ 2006-08-29

Is it possible to replace the 4275A GPIB card with the 4284A / 4295A GPIB card?
No, these are not compatible.

FAQ 2006-05-16

The batteries on my WireScope or FrameScope won't hold a charge. What should I do?

FAQ 2006-03-06

What should I do when the "OF 1" message appears on the Keysight 4192A display?
AUTO the ZY RANGE and switch the Circuit Mode.

FAQ 2006-01-19

On the Keysight 4192A, what should I do when the "OF 2" message appears?
The "OF 2" message is an indication that the measured value exceeds 200% of full scale of display range.

FAQ 2006-01-11

Why do I get an error message after loading the WCDMA application onto my 8960?
I just loaded my WCDMA application into my 8960, and I am getting the following error message when I run the application: Self Calibration Error; calibration data failure Self Calibration Name: wcdma measurement

FAQ 2006-01-05

On the Keysight 4395A, in the network analyzer mode, what is the appropriate course of action when "Overload" is displayed for the thru connection?
It is possible that the "Overload" message can be rectified by adjusting IF bandwidth (IFBW). Typically the IFBW should be set equal to or less than 1/5 of the lowest frequency in the sweep range

FAQ 2006-01-05

How can I reduce fan noise on a Keysight E1401B/E1421B?
To lower the fan speed, follow these instructions:

FAQ 2005-12-20

The RIN Laser measurement application has disappeared. What can I do?

FAQ 2005-12-13

How do I declassify or sanitize my 54620A/C logic analyzer?

FAQ 2005-11-30

What are the various part numbers for the individual components within the 85033D/E and 85052B/C/D calibration kits?

FAQ 2005-11-13

How do I declassify or sanitize my 1670G-series logic analyzer?

FAQ 2005-11-06

What if my 16700-series logic analyzer generates errors or hangs up during the re-ignite procedure?

FAQ 2005-09-13

Does Keysight sell the "Performance Test Program" and the "Adjustment Program" for the 4395A and 4396B Combination Analyzers?

FAQ 2005-09-13

My 16700-series logic analyzer has become unstable or erratic, delivers unexpected results, or is otherwise not working properly. What steps should...
My 16700-series logic analyzer has become unstable or erratic, delivers unexpected results, or is otherwise not working properly. What steps should I take to resolve this?

FAQ 2005-09-13

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