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If I set Channel 1 of U2300A/U2500A with voltage range of 5V, I get a reading of 4.99968 when nothing is connected to the DAQ.
If you don't have anything connected to the DAQ and you do an acquisition out of it, the result…

FAQ 2010-08-09

Why is my acquired data for U2300A and U2500A shifted? eg. Column 2 data is in column 1, column 3 data is in column 2, and so on.
Install DAQ hardware driver version 1.05 and above.

FAQ 2010-08-09

34970A: Is there a battery in the Keysight 34970A?
Yes. the 34970A contains an internal battery that provides power to the internal real-time clock, stored states, and reading storage memory when the instrument ac line power is removed.

FAQ 2010-01-12

What is the main difference between the digital output (DO) of the U2100A, U2600A, U2300A and U2500A?
The DO port of U2100A and U2600A requires external power supply to be pumped into the port...

FAQ 2009-10-20

What is the expected lifetime of the relays used in the Keysight 34970A plug-in modules?
The Keysight 34970A Relay Maintenance System automatically counts the cycles on each relay in the instrument and stores the total count in non-volatile memory on each switch module.

FAQ 2008-01-08

34970A: How do I confirm that my RS-232 cable is working properly?
By placing a short on one end of the RS-232 cable and connecting the other to a PC, you can use Hyperterminal to verify if the cable is working properly.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Is it possible to measure the relay cycle count?
The instrument has a relay maintenance system to help predict relay end-of-life.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: What Is the recommended calibration interval for the 34970A?
Keysight recommends a 12-month calibration interval.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Do the Modules for the 34970A need to be calibrated?
It is optional and dependent on the application the modules are being used in.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Is the 34970A Product Family ISO 9000 Compliant?
Yes. The ISO 9000 statement is included with the Certificate...

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: Does the 34970A need to be calibrated if I purchased option 001?
Since the unit 34970A with option 001 does not include the digital multimeter, no calibration is required.

FAQ 2006-08-29

How is the 34970A Multiplexer Modules Thermocouple Cold Junction Reference Temperature Calibrated?
Use the procedure for the 34901A, 34902A, 34908A modules reference junction verification and adjustment are located in the 34970A Service Guide.

FAQ 2006-08-29

What is the mean time between failures (MTBF) for the 34970A?
20+ years for the 34970A and its module cards.

FAQ 2005-05-11

34970A: What Should I Do With a Failed Relay?
Failed relays should be identified by part number and replaced by a qualified repair technician.

FAQ 2005-05-09

34970A: Can I buy fuses for the 34970A or 34901A from Keysight or locally?
Yes. Fuses for the 34970A or 34901A can be purchased from Keysight or an outside hardware store.

FAQ 2004-02-05

What type of memory is used in the 3499A/B/C?
Flash Memory is used to store 3499A/B/C configuration and set-up.

FAQ 2003-06-02

What are the benefits of using relay-cycle-counters provided by the 3499A/B/C?
In a high-speed automated test equipment (ATE) system, unplanned downtime can be fatal to a production line.

FAQ 2003-01-22

Does the 3488A and/or 3499A/B/C contain batteries?
There are no batteries in the 3488A. For the 3499A/B, please check the firmware revision.

FAQ 2002-09-23

How do I determine the firmware revision of the Keysight 3499A/B/C?
From the front panel, press the "MENU" button, scroll to find the "revision info" in the menu list, press the "ENTER" button.

FAQ 2002-09-23

If a customer wants to increase the number of N2280A/N2281A channels, do they have to buy an additional 3499 mainframe and module?
You can install two of the N2280A and/or N2281A modules in the 3499A mainframe.

FAQ 2002-09-23

What is the relay used on the 44470A/D?
The relay supplier and part number for the 44470A is "OMRON" type is G6AK-274P. There is not a Keysight 4 x 4 part number.

FAQ 2002-09-06