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Does Keysight U1271A/U1272A Handheld Digital Multimeter comes with a power adapter?
No, U1271A/U1272A is powered by four 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries.

FAQ 2011-05-05

What is the part # of the fuseholder cap for the small Front and Rear Current input fuse 3AT (A1F101 or F101) used on the Keysight 34401A Multimeter...
The small Front and Rear Current input fuse 3AT (A1F101 or F101) located on the rear panel is available as Keysight part number 2110-0780. This is a 3A, 250V metric fuse.

FAQ 2011-04-14

Can I replace the 16008B's conductive elastomer when it is deteriorated?
No, since the conductive elastomer cannot be removed from the main electrode assembly of the 16008B, replace whole main electrode assembly with new one.

FAQ 2008-05-16

How can I order supplemental parts for component test fixtures/accessories?
You can order the necessary parts by the part numbers shown in the Accessories Selection Guide for Impedance Measurements.

FAQ 2008-04-22