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IO Libraries Suite: What pieces of software do I need to install for the IO Libraries to work?
View the data sheet for the full list of requirements.

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: Is an IO Libraries Suite license transferable?
An IO Libraries Suite license can travel with the Keysight instrument, Keysight hardware I/O product or Keysight software…

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: How can I get a copy of Keysight IO Libraries Suite 15.1? Is it available now?
Download it, or request a CD, from /find/iosuite

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: What are the differences between Keysight IO Libraries Suite versions 14.0 and 14.1?
The major enhancement that has been added to version 14.1 is compatibility with National Instruments NI-488.2 API or I/O Library.

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: What has changed in version 14.2?
Version 14.2 includes defect fixes and makes two changes to improve the compatibility of Keysight 488 with third-party software.

FAQ 2010-09-08

How do I upgrade my N4010A from WLAN option 102 to WLAN option 103?
These options are mutually exclusive, so option 102 must be removed before option 103 is installed.

FAQ 2010-07-29

How can I update the 34980A to Firmware Revision 2.19?

FAQ 2010-05-05

Is there an ECal that covers the lower frequency of the E5071C down to 9 kHz?
Yes, the N4431B 4-port ECal now supports down to 9 kHz.

FAQ 2009-11-16

Why am I not able to update my E5810A firmware via Keysight FTP at ?
Firmware revision A.01.07 and above are able to update via ftp

FAQ 2009-09-29

How to update E5810A firmware?
The firmware update instructions can be found on the User's Guide and E5810A Web Access Help......

FAQ 2009-08-06

How can I update the MWA software on my ENA to the latest revision?
The latest revision of the MWA can be downloaded from Keysight web page.

FAQ 2009-07-15

Why must my instrument firmware be A.05.03.12 (or newer)?
This is the minimum firmware revision for a hardware change that was introduced during Feb 2009.

FAQ 2009-03-09

What versions of hardware and Test or Lab Applications are compatible with each other?
E5515C hardware and application revisions should meet the requirements outlined in the Secure Features tables.

FAQ 2008-07-30

The 16074A repair service is discontinued, but how would I do if resistors included in the 16074A are faulty?
If any resistor standard included in the 16074A is faulty, please replace it with corresponding replacement product.

FAQ 2008-06-29

How to upgrade 16190A to 16190B for 4287A performance test?
There is no upgrade path. Please order 16190B.

FAQ 2008-06-27

What are the specifications of the analog output for the 8153xA and the 8152xA/B series optical power meters?

FAQ 2007-11-01

ScopeData Pro on my PC is not locating the WireScope 350/FrameScope 350 device for uploading data or updating software, how can I fix this?
The most likely reason is that you have already connected a USB based combination printer/scanner/copier/fax machine to the PC or some other scanning device.

FAQ 2006-10-11

How do I update my WireScope 350/FrameScope 350 to revision 3.2.8?

FAQ 2006-10-11

How can I determine the firmware revision for the 8153A mainframe?
You can determine the firmware for the 8153A mainframe by performing the following steps.

FAQ 2006-10-01

What is the polish of the "optical input" connector for the E5574A optical loss analyzer, straight or angled?
The "optical input" connector is always an angle physical contact connector.

FAQ 2006-09-28

What are options 503, 513 and 516 for the 8168F tunable laser source?
The options 503, 513 and 516 change the standard operating wavelength and output power of the 8168F as detailed below.

FAQ 2006-06-27

What are the differences between the 4338A and 4338B Milliohmmeters?
The following items delineate differences between the 4338A and the 4338B...

FAQ 2005-07-14

How can I order an E6785X Lab Application Fast Switch License?
E6785x only needs the switched Lab Applications to be installed and properly licensed.

FAQ 2005-03-29

What is the difference between the 8163A/8166A and the 8163B/8166B?

FAQ 2005-02-01

What is the difference between the 8164A and the 8164B?

FAQ 2005-02-01

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