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Can I use the 16118A to measure a resistance of high-value capacitor?
Yes, the 16118A can be used for measurement up to R (GΩ) x C (µF) ≤ 0.2 GΩ µF.Required charging time is approximately 1.5 x C (µF) seconds.

FAQ 2008-05-19

How small or large DUT can I measure with the 16118A?
The 16118A can be used to measure DUTs up to 10 mm long. Minimum DUT size is unspecified.

FAQ 2008-05-19

How can I order supplemental parts for component test fixtures/accessories?
You can order the necessary parts by the part numbers shown in the Accessories Selection Guide for Impedance Measurements.

FAQ 2008-04-22

If the J8130A must be purchased separately what are the required options to use it with the scope?
No extra options are required on the J8130A to run with the MSO6000. The plain J8130A product is sufficient. However, the J8130A has a few potential options that could be ordered if needed: -The option 001 allows the VPT1000 to be used as a Flex...

FAQ 2008-02-12

What is the part number for the AC power fuse in the N4010A?
Keysight part number 2110-1417.

FAQ 2008-01-31

Can I purchase a rackmount kit for my N4010A?
Yes. The part number for the rackmount kit is 5063-9241.

FAQ 2008-01-31

Are additional details available pertaining to the Keysight N4421AK20 or Keysight N4421A-B20 cables?

FAQ 2008-01-29

FAQs: Service Support

FAQ 2008-01-18

What is the minimum size SMD (surface mount device) that the Keysight 16095A probe test fixture can measure?
The 16095A standard probe tip diameter is approximately 1.0 mm...

FAQ 2008-01-14

How can I use the Rear Panel DC Input Connector on my ESA/EMC Series Spectrum Analyzer?
The ESA/EMC will run on DC power via the Option A5D DC Input cables or the E1779A Battery pack.

FAQ 2007-12-20

What are the replacement part numbers for the Obsolete 11664A Scalar Detector connectors?
All components of the 11664-series detectors are obsolete.

FAQ 2007-11-14

What is the replacement for the Keysight 11764A drive cable?

FAQ 2007-11-14

What replacements are available for the 11664 series of detectors?
The 85025-series of detectors are suitable replacements for use with the 8757A/B/C/D/E family of scalar analyzers…

FAQ 2007-11-14

What's the part number of those multi-pin connector plugs that are on the back of the power supplies?
What's the part number of those multi-pin connector plugs that are on the back of the power supplies?

FAQ 2007-10-15

What digital probe cables and accessories are available for Keysight mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs)?
The digital probe kit for all Keysight 6000-series and 54620/40-series MSOs is P/N 54620-61801. The digital probe kit for all 8000-series and 54830-series MSOs is P/N 54826-68701.

FAQ 2007-08-10

What hard copy manuals are included with option ABA for the ENA 6 series?

FAQ 2007-07-12

Is it possible to retrofit option 100, Structural Return Loss, on the E5061A/62A?
Yes. E5061AU-100 is available to upgrade Opt.100 for the E5061A/62A.

FAQ 2007-07-10

What probes are available for my logic analyzer?
Keysight offers the following four basic categories of logic analyzer probes...

FAQ 2007-06-01

Do I need to use the side support brackets that came with my N9039A RF Preselector?
Yes. See FAQ content for details...

FAQ 2007-05-31

On the Keysight 4291A/B Impedance Analyzer, can I utilize a Standard Network Analyzer Calibration Kit to perform the test head calibration?
Test head calibration on the Keysight 4291A/B impedance analyzer is only supported with the included 4291A/B standards.

FAQ 2007-05-29

What are the default calibration kit selections on the 4395A and 4396B Combination Analyzers?

FAQ 2007-03-27

What is the part number of the Keysight WCDMA TEST uSIM?
The part number of the USIM changes periodically, it can be found at /find/usim.

FAQ 2007-02-23

What type of cable is supplied with the Keysight 34905A and 34906A dual 4-channel RF multiplexers?
An 18 inch cable with SMB to BNC connectors is supplied.

FAQ 2007-01-10

What is the Keysight Part Number for the Keysight PNA Series Network Analyzer Bias Tee Input Fuse?
The replacement part number for the PNA Series Network Analyzer bias tee input fuse is Keysight part number 2110-0046.

FAQ 2006-11-30

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Yes, 2.4 mm NMD female accessories can mate directly to the 1.85 mm NMD test ports.

FAQ 2006-11-05

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