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What parts and accessories are available for my 10400A-series probe?

FAQ 2013-11-15

What are the rack mount kit part numbers for the 86100 DCA?
Rack mount kits for 86100 DCA are available to purchase as stand-alone parts.

FAQ 2012-12-20

How do I order the Infiniium oscilloscope hard drive replacement kit?
For Infiniium oscilloscopes with the Windows® XP operating system, the part number depends on the oscilloscope model number ...

FAQ 2012-11-13

How can I find accessories for a Keysight product?
For instrument-specific accessories (such as probes for an oscilloscope), first go to the product page and then see the related accessories. For general-purpose accessories (such as rf & microwave test accessories, carts, and racks), go to the ...

FAQ 2011-10-07

Can I use the electrical Infiniimax probes (1130A/31A/32A/34A) with the 86100 DCA modules?
Yes, the N1022A probe adapter allows the Infiniimax probes (1130A/31A/32A/34A) to be used with the 86100 DCA modules.

FAQ 2011-07-25

What replaceable parts are available for the E5383A 17-channel single-ended flying lead set?
The lead set, IC clips, probe leads, ground leads, and common (long) ground leads are available for individual purchase.

FAQ 2010-07-02

What replacement parts and accessories are available for the 113xA-series InfiniiMax probes?
The best place to find this information is in the most recent revision of the InfiniiMax Active Probes User´s Quick Start Guide.

FAQ 2010-06-07

How to measure temperature with the AUXILIARY METER function of the U1602A/U1604A handheld Oscilloscope?
The humidity can be measured with U1586A Temperature Adaptor connected to the U1602A/U1604A handheld Oscilloscope

FAQ 2009-09-29

How to measure current with the AUXILIARY METER function of the U1602A/U1604A handheld Oscilloscope?
The current can be measured with connect a current adaptor (current probe) to the U1602A/U1604A handheld Oscilloscope...

FAQ 2009-06-10

If the J8130A must be purchased separately what are the required options to use it with the scope?
No extra options are required on the J8130A to run with the MSO6000. The plain J8130A product is sufficient. However, the J8130A has a few potential options that could be ordered if needed: -The option 001 allows the VPT1000 to be used as a Flex...

FAQ 2008-02-12

What digital probe cables and accessories are available for Keysight mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs)?
The digital probe kit for all Keysight 6000-series and 54620/40-series MSOs is P/N 54620-61801. The digital probe kit for all 8000-series and 54830-series MSOs is P/N 54826-68701.

FAQ 2007-08-10

What probes are available for my logic analyzer?
Keysight offers the following four basic categories of logic analyzer probes...

FAQ 2007-06-01

What types of removable disk drives do Infiniium scopes have?
Since their introduction in 1997, Infiniium scopes have offered several removable disk formats.

FAQ 2005-02-14