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Automated on-wafer millimeter wave measurements demo – WMS Series Part 2 of 6
In this demo, we measure S-parameters on a GaAs MESFET and capacitor structure in an automated fashion across the wafer. This leverages a lot of pieces together that will be explained in later videos: • configuring the WaferPro Express software to drive other instruments and wafer prober software • wafer alignment • RF S-parameter calibration • WaferPro Express project set up

Demo 2018-05-09

How an AC Synchronous Motor Works Looking at Current and Voltage of Each Coil
AC synchronous motors are very simple and rely on the fluctuations in the AC power to create a fluctuating magnetic field. In this example, two independent coils are used to improve the rotation of the motor. A power analyzer is used to look at the voltage and current through each of the two coils.

Demo 2018-05-07

DC-67 GHz Electronic VNA Calibration

Demo 2018-05-01

EuMW 2017 Demo: Complete Linear and Non-linear Characterization of Active Components on YouTube

Demo 2018-04-23

Making RF Power Measurements as Easy as "Ready. Set. Measure."
Learn more about each of the RF power measurements in this YouTube video series.

Demo 2018-04-16

Automotive Manufacturer Develops Mission-Critical Radar Sensors
A major global automotive manufacturer develops advanced driver assistance systems with high-frequency, high-bandwidth radar sensors using the SystemVue Automotive Radar Library software with the industry-leading M8195A arbitrary waveform generator and N9041B UXA signal analyzer, dramatically reducing development time and costs by enabling engineers to verify and address problems much earlier in the design process.

Demo 2018-04-11

PathWave FPGA Videos on YouTube
PathWave FPGA Video Library playlist in Keysight EEsof EDA's Channel on YouTube

Demo 2018-03-26

Explore YouTube Videos - Keysight Power Electronics Modeling and Circuit Simulation Tools
Overview of Keysight's PD1000A, which takes real measurements to create accurate models of wide-bandgap power electronics devices, such as Silicon-Carbide (SiC) and Gallium-Nitride (GaN).

Demo 2018-02-26

Keysight Streamline Series USB Instruments
With the same applications and accuracy as comparable benchtop instruments, the Keysight Streamline Series is the perfect compact USB option. It is portable, easy to use, and there is zero compromise in performance.

Demo 2018-02-26

Memory, DDR and JEDEC – EEs Talk Tech
"It's a miracle it works at all." Not the most inspiring words from someone who helped define the latest DDR spec. But, that's the the state of memory systems today. Closed eyes and mV swings are the topic of today's electrical engineering podcast. Daniel Bogdanoff and Mike Hoffman sit down with Perry Keller to talk about the state of memory today and it's inevitable march into the future.

Demo 2018-02-22

In-building measurements and automated location mapping with Nemo Walker Air & Nemo Handy

Demo 2018-02-20

5G NR ready measurement testbed: phased array antennas at mmWave

Demo 2018-02-16

5G NR Ready Measurement Testbed: Phased Array Antennas at mmWave
This quick demonstration from Keysight looks at the signal quality and flexibility needed to generate a true 256-QAM OFDM signal at 28 GHz over-the-air, then adds a second interferer signal to see the effect on the active antenna system.

Demo 2018-02-14

Automotive Radar Test Solution on YouTube

Demo 2018-02-12

Automotive Ethernet Link Segment Compliance on YouTube

Demo 2018-02-09

Automotive Ethernet Transmit Compliance on YouTube

Demo 2018-02-09

DesignCon 2018 - Improving the Design Lifecycle with Keysight's PathWave Solution
Keysight’s VP/GM of Design & Test Software, Todd Cutler, explains how Keysight’s PathWave solution accelerates your workflow by connecting every step in your design cycle in our connected and integrated platform.

Demo 2018-02-07

PathWave: DesignCon 2018 Keysight Technologies (Part 2)
An interview with Brig, Asay, Brig Asay, Director Strategic Planning – Internet Infrastructure Group with Keysight Technologies, discussing challenges in today’s marketplace to achieve faster speeds with lower costs.

Demo 2018-02-06

PathWave: DesignCon 2018 Keysight Technologies (Part 1)
An interview with Brig, Asay, Brig Asay, Director Strategic Planning – Internet Infrastructure Group with Keysight Technologies, discussing challenges in today’s marketplace to achieve faster speeds with lower costs.

Demo 2018-02-06

Keysight PathWave Design and Test Software Platform
Introducing PathWave from Keysight. The first design and test software platform created to accelerate your workflow by connecting every step in your product development path - from design and simulation, to prototype and test, to manufacturing , connected and integrated.

Demo 2018-01-29

PathWave Analytics
Industry 4.0 is driving the digitization of manufacturing, and one of the vital engines for digital transformation is big data analytics. Information extracted from big data can be used to optimize and improve manufacturing processes. Keysight’s PathWave Analytics is an Industry 4.0 ready electronics manufacturing data analytics solution that performs advanced analytics using manufacturing processes, tests and equipment data to drive manufacturing improvements and efficiencies.

Demo 2018-01-25

Pathwave Analytics on YouTube

Demo 2018-01-23

Automotive Radar Test Solution
A coherent and future-ready automotive radar test solution with precise verification of mmWave radar signals can ensure your design performs at it's best in preventing accidents and saving lives on the road.

Demo 2018-01-23

Li-Ion Self-Discharge Measurement on YouTube
Keysight’s self-discharge measurement solutions provide a revolutionary reduction in the time to measure and characterize self-discharge performance of Li-Ion cells.

Demo 2018-01-18

Take a video tour of the Keysight Iowa Calibration Lab

Demo 2017-12-20

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