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ADS Fundamentals
This medium-paced, 3-day course provides detailed training for the application of Advanced Design System for Circuit and System Simulation, including some EM and Layout. Each day can also be taken separately.

Classroom Training

EMPro Fundamentals
The EMPro course teaches users how to efficiently create three-dimensional models using an advanced mechanical CAD front end and set these up for either FEM or FDTD electromagnetic analysis.

Classroom Training

N3525A1 - Using Advanced Design System, DAY ONE - Online via WebEx
This is the on-line WebEx version of the Day 1 standard ADS Course. Day 1 covers workspaces and simulation tools. This course will be taught in 2 consecutive days, 4 hours per day via WebEx.

Classroom Training

This course teaches the basics of using SystemVue for digital signal processing and system architecture design.

Classroom Training

Advanced EM Simulation Topics in ADS
This modular 3 day training course covers advanced topics related to the use of the Momentum and FEM integrated into ADS.

Classroom Training

Webcast: DDR 5.0 - Understanding the Test Ramifications of DDR5
Webcast: DDR 5.0 - Understanding the Test Ramifications of DDR5

Seminar Materials 2019-02-18

ADS Fundamentals Class
ADS Fundamentals Classes in Germany, France and UK

Classroom Training

Metrology Events
Attending events that focus on metrology let you network and learn at the same time.


2019 Electronic Measurement Course Calendar for the United States and Canada
List of Electronic Measurement courses offered in for the United States and Canada

Classroom Training

EM for Your RF/Microwave Circuit Designs Workshop
Materials for the EM for Your RF/Microwave Circuit Designs Workshop.

Seminar Materials 2019-02-05

Designing Phased Arrays with Confidence
Understand the tools and techniques that engineers can easily integrate into their phased array design process.

Webcast 2019-01-29

Advanced Measurement Techniques for PCIe 5.0 T x/Rx Test
Advanced Measurement Techniques for PCIe 5.0 T x/Rx Test

Seminar Materials 2019-01-23

Accuracy matters: Calibration Options for Lab Standards Webcast
Original broadcast May 19, 2016


Introducing the New Infiniium V-Series High-Performance Oscilloscope Webcast
Original broadcast April 14, 2015

Webcast - recorded

Effectively Troubleshoot LTE and Early 5G Networks
Learn about troubleshooting 5G and LTW networks, and different measurement techniques in this rapidly evolving technology.

Webcast 2019-01-17

Overcoming 5G Signal Generation Test Challenges
3GPP test requirements are more complex than previous 4G LTE, requiring multiple, phase coherent signal generation channels, and OTA solutions. Learn about key tests and tips to ensure accurate receiver measurements using a mmWave signal generator.

Webcast 2019-01-17

SD-WAN and NPM: Defining, Achieving, and Maintaining a High-Quality UX with Hawkeye
SD-WAN promises incredible cost savings, but poor network performance can quickly negate your ROI. Discover how Ixia Hawkeye can help you migrate to SD-WAN without undermining your UX.

Webcast 2019-01-17

Understanding the Next 5G Hurdle: Conformance and Device Acceptance Test
Learn about conformance and device acceptance tests and how manufacturers can ensure their designs will meet specifications, especially in new frequency range 2 (FR2) mmWave operating bands.

Webcast 2019-01-17

5G Lab Testing with High Performance UE Simulation
The elastic nature of the 5G Core network creates new challenges for testing the core network elements, both in isolation and in end-to-end setups. Learn about UPF deployment and about Multi-Access Edge Computing MEC and QoS enforcement.

Webcast 2019-01-17

SPECS User Training
Learn to quickly develop and run SPECS test plans to obtain semiconductor parametric information.

Classroom Training

Series 4080 Customer Maintenance Training
Learn the basic methods of system calibration, fault isolation, repair and preventative maintenance of the Keysight Technologies Series 4070 Semiconductor Parametric Test System.

Classroom Training

4080 User Training
Learn Keysight 4080 hardware and software concepts.

Classroom Training

Prepare your Students for Industry-Level Testing
Employers expect students to have basic, working knowledge of how to use an oscilloscope. This webinar will cover how to ensure your students will meet industry expectations.

Webcast 2018-12-20

Solving Power Integrity & Signal Integrity Design Challenges Seminar
Solving Power Integrity & Signal Integrity Design Challenges Seminar

Seminar Materials 2018-12-20

i3070 Family Multiplexed User Fundamentals Class II
Enhanced training to take the programmer beyond the basics into custom test generation. Get more performance and coverage from your i3070. Typically, Class I and II are taken consecutively.

Classroom Training

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