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Experience a power supply and electronic load in one mainframe
Get a complimentary Keysight N6745B with your next purchase of a qualifying N6700 mainframe and a new N6790 Series electronic load module Offer ends 12/31/20

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2020-12-31

Promotion: Thanks for the Memory
For a limited time, purchase a UXR-Series high-performance oscilloscope and receive a free 1 Gpts Memory option. More memory you have available, the more you can store, see, and analyze. More memory makes life simpler to capture and characterize infrequent and complex waveforms.

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2020-09-30

Expand Your Data Acquisition Capabilities
Claim a complimentary Multiplexer Module – DAQM901A when purchasing a combination of DAQ Mainframe (DAQ970A or DAQ973A) with the latest Digitizer Module (DAQM909A).

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2020-09-30

Take 35% off Eligible Signal Generators and Analyzers
Keysight software and hardware RF solutions are better together. Choose RF measurement software and take 35% off on a signal analyzer or signal generator.

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2020-09-30

Save 45% on the B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
Research, education and GSA customers can receive 45% discount on the B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer mainframe.

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2020-09-30

Boost Your Benchtop - Free Handheld DMM With Qualifying Purchase
Keysight promo code 6.039 offers a free handheld DMM (U1233A) when purchasing any one of the following qualified instruments (34465A, 34470A, 33511B, 33512B, 33521B, 33522B, 33611A, 33612A, 33621A, 33622A, N6702C, N6705C)

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2020-08-31

Aumente la Memoria de su Banco de Prueba – ¡GRATIS!
Por tiempo limitado, reciba una actualización de memoria GRATIS (con un valor de hasta USD$ 600 dólares) en la compra de multímetros digitales y generadores de funciones/formas de onda seleccionados de Keysight:

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2019-03-31

Adquiera cualquier Big5 Bench de Keysight y ¡Obtenga un Instrumento Portátil Gratis!
Empower your engineers with a handy, reliable tool for carrying out tests and measurements on the go – whenever, wherever.

Oferta Especial Vigencia: 2017-04-10