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Plan Your Firewall Migration to Increase Security Resilience
Make sure your overall security architecture is designed to help your tools deliver maximum value and efficiency.

Case Study 2017-07-01

Mitigating NFV Risks
The key to mitigating risk in NFV implementations is a continuous testing and remediation process.

Case Study 2017-07-01

Ixia Security Fabric: Security Through Visibility, Context, and Simplicity
Explore the benefits of adding visibility, context, performance, and resilience to security operations.

Case Study 2017-07-01

How To Mitigate Five IT Problems Affecting The Financial Industry
Minimize security breaches, reduce cyber theft, use technology specifically to improve overall network performance.

Case Study 2017-07-01

Tolly Network Packet Broker Test Report
Obtain greater return on your IT investment by dramatically improving the effectiveness of your security and monitoring tools.

Case Study 2017-07-01

5G for Dummies
Provides a peek into the 5G networks of the future, various use-case scenarios, and the technologies that will be leveraged in the unlicensed spectrum.

Article 2017-06-22

Cloud Visibility for Dummies
Ensure security and compliance for cloud data and application; and optimize network and application performance.

Article 2017-06-20

Calibration Techniques for Improved MIMO and Beamsteering Characterization
This white paper focuses on the calibration methods required for a multi-channel test receiver to effectvely characterize and visualize the MIMO and beamforming performance on next-generation communcations transmitter designs.

Case Study 2017-06-13

STMicroelectronics & ESEO Use ADS To Design a 2.45 GHz Wireless Power Scavenging Circuit
Learn how STMicroelectronics and ESEO designed a 2.45 GHz wireless scavenging circuit using Advanced Design System (ADS).

Case Study 2017-06-07

STMicroelectronics and ESEO Use ADS to Design a 2.45 GHz Wireless Power Scavenging Circuit
Learn how STMicroelectronics and ESEO designed a 2.45 GHz wireless scavenging circuit using Advanced Design System (ADS).

Case Study 2017-06-07

Applying a Very Wide-Bandwidth Millimeter-Wave Testbed to Power Amplifier DPD
5G designs that use wide-bandwidth digital modulation require new test technologies. Our latest 5G whitepaper presents a testbed for generating and analyzing millimeter-wave signals with 8 GHz bandwidth.

Article 2017-06-06

Analyzing Virtual Data at Full Network Performance
Visibility solution secures network traffic between virtual machines while filtering out personal data.

Case Study 2017-06-01

vTaps and Vision ONE Solve Government Data Access
Integrated virtualized visibility platform eliminates blind spots and maximize monitoring effectiveness.

Case Study 2017-06-01

Extending the Power of IC-CAP Software with Python—PyVISA Instrument Control
Learn how to access the full capabilities of PyVISA from IC-CAP 2016 and create transforms for instrument control and data acquisition over any supported interface.

Article 2017-05-31

S-parameters: Signal Integrity Analysis in the Blink of an Eye
This article discusses new concepts for serial link design and analysis as applied to physical layer test and measurement techniques. Novel test fixtures and signal integrity software tools will be discussed in real world applications in the form of design case studies.

Article 2017-05-30

Solution Partner Newsletter Q2 2017
Solution Partner Newsletter Q2 2017

Newsletter 2017-05-26

The Melting Trace Paradox
Unlike other famous paradoxes such as the Zeno’s paradox, where Achilles and the Tortoise are involved, the melting trace paradox is one with a segment of copper trace and a current source.

Article 2017-05-24

Early Design Review or Boundary Scan in Enhancing Testability and Optimazation of Test Strategy
With complexities of PCB design scaling and manufacturing processes adopting to environmentally friendly practices raise challenges in ensuring structural quality of PCBs.

Article 2017-05-08

SRAM Cell Model Generation and Modeling Efficiency Take Center Stage in New Software Releases
Accurate and efficient modeling is critical to successful design, especially when it comes to the Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) cell, the minimum geometry devices in integrated circuit technology.

Article 2017-05-04

Service Provider Maximizes Visibility in Mobile Networks
As a mobile service provider's network had grown, the existing solution was not able to keep up with the traffic. Ixia's solution complemented the monitoring architecture and provided the data needed to ensure service assurance and big data analysis.

Case Study 2017-05-01

Health Institute Cuts Network Diagnosis Time from Days to Hours
Combining the IXIA Network Packet Broker with Riverbed’s OPNET performance monitoring system, a Texas healthcare provider was able to increase network speeds, shrink network troubleshooting times from days to hours. They also reduced their mean time to repair (MTTR) by 80% saving them big on IT operational expenses.

Case Study 2017-04-27

Government Agency Reduces Network Security Costs $260K
Using a network packet broker (NPB) whose processes reduce the volume of monitoring data that needed to be inspected by the customer's security tools, the government agency was able to improve their network security and lower costs.

Case Study 2017-04-25

Villanova Professor and Students “Bang Heads” for Nanotechnology Research
Dr. Gang Feng, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Villanova University, is using advanced materials measurement technology to understand concussions, energy storage, and more.

Article 2017-04-21

Republic Polytechnic Partners with Ixia to Nurture Cyber Security Professionals
Cyber security program builds a pool of skilled professionals.

Case Study 2017-04-01

Expanding IEEE Std 1149.1 Boundary-Scan Architecture Beyond Manufacturing Test of PCBA
This paper will discuss the expanded use of boundary-scan testing beyond the typical manufacturing test to capture structural defects on a components/devices in a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Article 2017-04-01


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