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S9130A Demo of 5G Performance gNB Test Solution
S9130A 5G Performance Multi-Band Vector Transceiver, gNB Test Solution

Demo 2020-12-14

Video Demo of New Sub-Terahertz Testbed for 6G Research
Video demonstration of new R&D sub-terahertz testbed for 6G research

Demo 2020-04-24

Overview of Keysight 5G Testbed
Demo of new 5G Testbed at Mobile World Congress 2019.

Demo 2019-06-24

5G NR ready measurement testbed: phased array antennas at mmWave

Demo 2018-02-16

MUlti-Operator with M937xA PXle Vector Network Analyzers
MUlti-Operator with M937xA PXle Vector Network Analyzers

Demo 2017-12-01

5G Channel Sounding on YouTube
5G Channel Sounding on YouTube

Demo 2017-06-13

Overcome Three Millimeter-Wave Measurement Challenges to 110 GHz YouTube video

Demo 2017-06-02

10 GHz Modulation Bandwidths for Exploring 5G mmW Backhaul and Unlicensed Spectrum

Demo 2017-06-02

PXI / AXIe / DAQ & Modular Solutions - Technical Support

Demo 2017-03-19

Keysight PXI Vector Network Analyzer Overview
View video on the Keysight YouTube channel

Demo 2017-02-06

5G Test Bed for Waveform Generation and Analysis, Reference Solutions on YouTube

Demo 2015-08-31

Demo Guide for M937xA PXIe Vector Network Analyzers
Demo guide for M937xA PXIe VNA

Demo 2014-09-01

Z9070B Wideband Signal Analyzer Demo Videos on YouTube
Explore YouTube for videos on the Z9070B wideband signal analysis solution.

Demo 2014-04-21

N1930B Physical Layer Test System Videos
This video will show how to probe various passive interconnect features on a printed circuit board using the novel Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) process.

Demo 2011-03-30