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What is the performance difference between the N8212A module with Option 016 and the N8241A arbitrary waveform generator synthetic instrument module?
The N8212A with Option 016 is based on the E8267D PSG signal generator with Option 016; the N8241A is based on the N6030A arbitrary waveform generator.

FAQ 2012-12-28

What are the details related to using the N6030xA/M933xA and N824xA arbitrary waveform generator predistortion?
The built-in predistortion scales the data to guarantee that you never get a DAC over-range condition. Typically, it gives up 2-3 dB of range. This is important because less power out of the N6030A means less leveled output power from the PSG with...

FAQ 2012-12-28

What system configurations support ALC Hold?
Systems using the Internal Arb, Systems configured with the PSG and Option 016 and systems composed of the synthetic upconverter, N8212A...

FAQ 2012-12-28

Why do I want to mirror the spectrum?
Mirror Spectrum reverses the spectrum of the waveform when it is downloaded. This is useful for systems with external upconversion and downconversion where the signal spectrum is mirrored by the conversion process.

FAQ 2012-12-28

How many coefficients should I use for custom FM?
The number of coefficients to use depends on the type of custom FM signal desired. Signal Studio for Pulse Building includes examples where 19 coefficients were used. The software allows as many coefficients as desired. The more coefficients used,...

FAQ 2012-12-28

Why should I use Amplitude Offset?
Use the Amplitude Offset feature to account for any external gain or loss that is greater than 10 dB.

FAQ 2012-12-28

What happens when I turn the N6030A arbitrary waveform generator off?
You will probably need to reboot PC if you are using an MXI to PXI interface. All signal data is lost.

FAQ 2012-12-28

How can I get 1 GHz modulation bandwidth below 3.2 GHz?
There is a special option that down converts the wideband signal. It is: E8267D Option H1S PSG with 1 GHz out for use by the Z5623AK92 down converter, 500 MHz – 3.2 GHz.

FAQ 2012-12-28

What is embedded software versus Signal Studio software?
View table with descriptions

FAQ 2012-12-14

What is the difference between the ENA 6 series opt.100 (fault location) and the ENA opt.010 (time domain)?
Both options are aim to do time domain conversion. The ENA 6 series opt.100 focuses on to analyze the cable characteristics...

FAQ 2012-12-11

What is the typical power consumption of the 86100C and 86100D Digital Communications Analyzer?
Typical measurements of 86100C and 86100D power consumption

FAQ 2012-09-25

Do the E4406A, PSA Series and 89600 VSA Software report Peak Code Domain Error for W-CDMA and cdma2000?
Yes. The screen capture below shows a W-CDMA Modulation Accuracy measurement on the E4406A and PSA Series, and Peak Code Domain Error is reported in the results table.

FAQ 2012-05-26

Is Signal Studio software licensed to the PC or signal generator?
Signal Studio software is licensed to the signal generator. More...

FAQ 2012-02-19

When the frequency-offset is turned on, the number of sweeps during measurement increases. Is this the normal operation for the ENA?

FAQ 2011-10-16

When utilizing the Frequency Offset Mode on the ENA, should the ENA's 10MHz reference and the external source's 10MHz reference be interconnected?

FAQ 2011-10-16

Is there an outline to achieving a simplified mixer conversion loss measurement on the ENA?
Option 008, Frequency offset, is required for mixer measurements utilizing these analyzers.

FAQ 2011-10-16

How can I perform TDR measurements using the 86100D mainframe with the standard trigger option, 86100D-STR?
If you want to use two TDR modules in an 86100D with option STR then you either have to move the cable to the module that sends out the TDR pulses, or you have to use two cables (such as Keysight P/N 5062-6687) and a power divider (such as Keysight’s P/N 11636B) or power splitter (such as Keysight P/N 11667B). The common port should go into the trigger input.

FAQ 2011-04-25

What are the details regarding the baseband capture memory for option N9020A-BBA, Analog Baseband I/Q Inputs on the N9020A MXA using the 89600 VSA sof
Record length details found here....

FAQ 2010-11-22

What are the baseband bandwidth upgrade details regarding options B25, S40, SU1 and BBA?
See table for details...

FAQ 2010-11-22

How is a Signal Studio application license installed?
A Signal Studio license is installed using the License Manager software utility available for download and on the CD shipped with the Signal Studio software.

FAQ 2010-09-08

I have purchased the Segmented Memory option, N5454A, for my InfiniiVision oscilloscope. However, I can’t find the feature in the menus. What can I...
You need to upgrade your oscilloscope to the latest firmware...

FAQ 2010-07-02

For Xilinx FPGA Dynamic Probe, when should I use Xilinx Core Generator instead of Core Inserter?
Core Generator is usually preferable if you need partitions, since Core Inserter does not support partitions. Core Generator does support partitions but is much less convenient.

FAQ 2010-01-24

If I already have an E4438C-406 Bluetooth® license, can I upgrade to N7606B Signal Studio Software Bluetooth® without any extra charges?
Yes, you can upgrade to the N7606B Signal Studio Software free of charge.

FAQ 2009-06-09

Why when using the parallel interleave mode and 1 clock per sample, the data seems to be clocked on the opposite clock edge than what the GUI state...
This is a known issue and has been noted for future consideration. The workaround is...

FAQ 2009-02-12

Why is an incorrect version of Signal Studio N7613A, N7612B, and N7606B shown when I use the “Add or Remove Programs” window in “Control Panel” on ...
This Signal Studio version number discrepancy can be ignored, please proceed with your application removal. This error will be corrected with the next version roll.

FAQ 2008-12-02

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