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E8491B: What is the part number for the Option 001 PCI FireWire Card and will other PCI Firewire cards work?
Order Part No. E8491. This is the Solectron PCI FireWire Card. The power cable is Part No. E8491-61613.

FAQ 2006-06-09

I would like to replace my E8491A PCI card with the new E8491B PCI card. I would also like to replace the front panel of the E8491A and the origin...

FAQ 2005-04-05

Can I use an IEEE-1394 (Firewire) cable longer than the 4.5m cable originally supplied with the E8491B?
Should additional length be required, 15 additional cables may be added to the system...

FAQ 2005-04-04

E1401B: What is the Part Number for filler panels for the Model E1401B?
The choice of Model E1401B filler panels are: E1400-00203, E1400-00204, and E1400-00209.

FAQ 2004-06-28

What is the difference between the old and new E1406A?
New E1406As have surface mount boards and maximum memory.

FAQ 2004-05-24

E1401B: What is the part number for a replacement power supply for the Model E1401B?
E1401-69203 refurbished, 0950-3704 new.

FAQ 2004-02-03