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How do you change the programming language expected by the the 6030A, 6031A, 6032A, 6033A, 6035A, or 6038A power supplies?
These products are shipped from the factory in their native language (called Compatible Language Mode) with their hardware address set to "Adr 5". The programming language can only be changed to SCPI Mode via a controller by sending the string "SY...

FAQ 2010-09-09

How can you change or view the secondary address in the 6030A, 6031A, 6032A, 6033A, 6035A, or 6038A power supplies?
These products have been retrofitted with SCPI language capability, in addition to the original or compatibility mode. Secondary addressing of these products is only available in SCPI mode.

FAQ 2010-09-08

66000A: Setting Dwell Time
The List mode can contain up to 20 Voltage, Current or Dwell steps if controlled over the GPIB, or up to 8 steps if controlled from the optional keyboard...

FAQ 2010-05-26

Which of the E36xxA power supplies can be controlled from the remote interface?
The Keysight E3631A, E3632A, E3633A, E3634A, E3640A, E3641A, E3642A, E3643A, E3644A, E3645A, E3646A, E3647A, E3648A, and E3649A power supplies are fully programmable and you can program them from the RS-232 or GPIB (IEEE-488) interface. Both remote...

FAQ 2008-09-23

E363xA and E364xA: Compatibility with National GPIB I/F Card
Yes, the National Instruments GPIB board is very configurable. However, this can cause some problems.

FAQ 2008-09-22

Does the Keysight E364xA offer any alternative programming languages?
The Keysight E364xA's programming language is compatible with SCPI (1998) and IEEE 488.2. No other programming languages are available.

FAQ 2008-09-22

66xxA and E36xxA: Programmable Current Sinking
In general, current sinking is a fixed value at some percentage of the full scale current output. However, there is an exception for one series of Keysight power supplies. On the 663xB series, the maximum negative current tracks the value programme...

FAQ 2008-09-22

Why doesn't my System Power Supply accept commands over the GPIB?
If you are getting either error 11 or error 113 when you try to send GPIB commands to your system supply, it may be that you are using the wrong command language.

FAQ 2008-07-29

663xB: Programming Language Compatibility

FAQ 2003-06-04

66xxA: Power Supply Readback Intermittently Corrupted or Empty

FAQ 2003-06-04

66xxA: Synchronize Different System Power Supply Outputs

FAQ 2003-06-04