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Access Secured Information on our Customer Website
In this issue, we would like to start by providing information for you to access the reserved resources we have on the Agilent Customer website, which is accessible only to our support agreement customers.

Newsletter 2010-09-19

Access Entitled Content on our Customer Website
Customers who have active warranty or support agreement for their ICT, AXI or AOI test system can register for access to Printed Circuit Assembly Board Test and Inspection entitled content.

Newsletter 2010-05-31

Accessing Service Notes for your Automated Test Systems Agilent Service Notes

Newsletter 2009-08-18

Coverage Increased on Through-Hole Components Using PTH2 Algorithm
The 5DX Automated X-ray Inspection plated through hole algorithm, PTH2, provides an increase in accuracy along with repeatability for heavily shaded devices.

Newsletter 2006-09-08