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Wafer Prober Plug-in for Test Automation
The Keysight Test Automation on PathWave (TAP) software provides powerful, flexible and extensible test sequence and test plan creation with additional capabilities that optimize your test software development and overall performance. The Wafer Prober Plug-in supports your workflow automation for integrated and Silicon Photonics wafer probing and test.

Technical Overview 2021-01-21

KS8400A Test Automation on PathWave - Technical Overview
The KS8400A provides powerful, flexible and extensible test sequence and test plan creation with additional capabilities that optimize your test software development and overall performance.

Technical Overview 2020-04-17

News Releases - Photonic Test & Measurement IV
Keysight, NOEIC and CompoundTek Establish Open Standards for Layout, Design and Automation of Photonic Integrated Circuit Testing

Press Materials 2020-02-11

Photonic Application Suite: Lambda Scan software for tunable laser systems - Technical Overview
Technical overview for the updated Photonic Application Suite which adds support for the new N77-C generation of instruments.

Technical Overview 2020-01-16

News Releases - Photonic Test & Measurement III
Keysight, FormFactor and CompoundTek Join Forces to Accelerate Integrated Photonics Innovations

Press Materials 2019-11-14

Order Configuration Guide
Keysight software licensing options provide flexibility and support. Choose your term, type and keep control of your budget.

Configuration Guide 2019-10-22

OpenTAP SDK Introduction
Overview of the OpenTAP SDK

Quick Start Guide 2019-10-04

Training: Introduction to using the Editor
Introduction to using and navigating the Editor, as well as the Test Plan Run Explorer, Results Viewer, and Timing Analyzer.

Reference Guide 2019-10-04

Integrated Photonics Test
Integrated Photonics, often called Silicon Photonics, promises additional benefits for industrial segments such as Intra Data Center communication and Data Center Interconnects (DCI), Telecom, 5G and Automotive connectivity, High Performance Computing, LIDAR, Sensing and Medical

Brochure 2019-09-19

Three Key Trends in Data Center Interconnects reach 400G Speeds and Beyond
Traditionally, coherent optical technology has been too expensive to use in data center interconnects, which are typically less than 80 km apart. New photonic integrated circuits and standards, such as 400ZR and IEEE 802.3ct, will enable physically separated data centers to cost effectively increase speeds to 400 Gb/s. These standards will ensure efficiency when sharing resources, balancing workloads, and scaling capacity.

eBook 2019-09-10

Coherent Optical Transforms Data Center Interconnects - White Paper
Integrated photonics and new standards drive next-generation DCI

Application Note 2019-05-02

How TestOps Speeds Electronic Design and Test - White Paper
TestOps speeds electronic design and test by reducing time-to-market and enhancing team collaboration and productivity. Similar to DevOps, TestOps is not a new technology, but a new way to work.

Application Note 2019-04-11

LCA Plugin for Test Automation - Technical Overview
The LCA plugin for the Keysight Test Automation on PathWave (TAP) simplifies automation by handling the interface to both the PNA instrument and the LCA optical hardware and software. The PNA settings needed for LCA measurements are provided in the test steps for easy configuration.

Technical Overview 2019-03-28

Removing Time-To-Market Barriers for Design and Test Engineers
Keysight survey reveals data sharing enabled by an integrated product development solution significantly improves time-to-market across the entire product development workflow.

Application Note 2019-03-26

Keysight & Innolight Leading-Edge Demo on 400G QSFP-DD DR4 SiPh Transceiver at OFC 2019
Innolight, a global leader in high-speed optical transceivers, demonstrated their 400G QSFP-DD DR4 SiPh (Silicon Photonics) based transceiver for Ethernet, Data Centers and Cloud Networks applications with Keysight’s wide array of solutions including Keysight’s Photonics Application Suite, N1092D DCA-M Highest Sensitivity Sampling Scopes and N1078A 64GBd Optical/Electrical Clock Recovery.

Demo 2019-03-19

TAP Training: Using the Results Viewer
Results Viewer: A deeper dive into TAP results handling, and how they can be stored, analyzed, and manipulated using both the Results Viewer and the Test Plan Run Explorer.

Reference Guide 2019-02-25

News Releases - Photonic Test & Measurement II
Keysight Technologies, FormFactor, Industrial Technology Research Institute Collaborate to Deliver Silicon Photonics Test and Measurement Solution

Press Materials 2018-10-16

Calibrating Optical Paths in Spectral Test Station Using N7700A IL/PDL SW Engine - Application Note
Optical IL and PDL of a device relate the signal output from the device with the input signal, previously recorded or calibrated as reference measurement. For best results, the reference is repeated periodically and made with the same settings to be used on the device. By using IL de-embedding, the reference data can be applied to multiple optical paths without repeating at each port.

Application Note 2018-10-10

Wafer and Chip-Level Optical Test Solving Polarization Alignment with the IL/PDL Test System
Optical testing of wafer and chips for photonic integrated circuits requires attention to the polarization of the input light. This is supported by the N7700A application software.

Application Note 2018-08-16

Wavelength and Polarization Dependence of 100G-LR4 Components - Application Note
This application note describes our solution based on the new 81606A or 81608A tunable lasers, for measuring the wavelength and polarization dependence of components for 100G optical links that multiplex multiple wavelengths. Both passive fiber optic components and receiver optical subassemblies are addressed.

Application Note 2018-07-13

On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components Using the Lightwave Component Analyzers - Rev.2
This document describes the principles of on-wafer measurements of opto-electronic components using a Lightwave Component Analyzer and provides step-by-step instructions needed to set up a calibration kit prior to the on-wafer calibration, to perform the electronic calibration and to deembed the wafer probes.

Application Note 2018-07-03

News Releases - Photonic Test & Measurement I
FormFactor Collaborates with Keysight Technologies and GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Deliver Silicon Photonics Test and Measurement Solution

Press Materials 2018-06-18

N7700A Photonic Application Suite - Brochure
The N7700A Photonic Application Suite is a collection of advanced and basic software tools for making optical measurements, controlling fiberoptic instruments, and analyzing measurement results.

Brochure 2017-12-01

Measuring Polarization Dependent Loss of Passive Optical Components - Application Note
A new document on the methods of characterizing passive optical components.

Application Note 2017-12-01

Test Automation Platform Developer’s System - Overview Video
Keysight KS8400A Test Automation Platform (TAP) Developer’s System provides powerful, flexible and extensible test sequence and test plan creation with additional capabilities that optimize your test software development and overall performance.

Demo 2017-08-31

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