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PROPSIM FS16 5G Channel Emulation Solution - Solution Brief
5G user experience depends on device performance in harsh mobile environments. Keysight’s channel emulators enable you to validate device and base station end-to-end real-world performance in the lab.

Solution Brief 2020-06-15

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PROPSIM SATCOM Channel Emulation Solution
Satellite systems have been a highly specialized communication channel, where the systems have been tailored for a special purpose. The 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) are planned to support the cellular and broadband internet connections by providing a robust secondary link for routing data. It is certain that the specialized SATCOM applications will not disappear, such as global navigation systems or terrain imaging. The need for rapid growth of high throughput in cellular networks and mobile broadband dominate the investments for the future satellite systems.

Solution Brief 2020-03-16