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E6953A DSRC Certification Operating Council Test Solution - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide contains information to help you configure E6953A DSRC COC Test Solution to meet your test requirements. This solution enable testing of all Test Cases across IEEE802.11p, IEEE1609.3, 1609.4, 1609.2 and SAE 2945/1 defined by COC in a single PXI rack, with intuitive User Interface.

Configuration Guide 2018-11-07

E6953A DSRC COC Test Solution - Solution Brief
The Keysight E6953A DSRC COC test solution is compact single PXIe solutions and the foundation is Keysight’s leadership in wireless technology and measurement science:

Solution Brief 2018-10-28

Test the Future, Today.
Create tomorrow’s automotive smart mobility and e-mobility technologies today, with design and test solutions from Keysight.

Solution Brief 2018-10-19

Keysight DSRC Coc Certification Solution
Video demonstration of Keysight solution for dedicated short range communication testing.

Demo 2018-09-21