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What are the Keysight equivalent model numbers for Centellax BERT products and test accessories?
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FAQ 2017-07-13

What is the difference between the two RF cables attached to the U7227A/C/F?
Mechanical dimension and color for the RF cable.

FAQ 2015-10-26

Why is there a different type of RF cable attached to the U7227A/C/F?
Different type of RF cable attached to the U7227A/C/F.

FAQ 2015-10-26

Does the new RF cable affect the RF performance of the U7227A/C/F USB preamplifier?
RF performance of the U7227A/C/F with new RF cable

FAQ 2015-10-26

On the 83050A microwave amplifier, is there any internal circuitry to protect the amplifier from damage due to an accidental polarity reversal conn...

FAQ 2009-03-13

What is the meaning of P1dB and Psat as stated in amplifier specifications?

FAQ 2008-07-15