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What type of switches/attenuators are supported by the 34945A/L4445A Microwave Switch/Attenuator Driver module?

FAQ 2010-09-08

Why can't I purchase the 11899A Probe Power Supply for my 85024A, Active Probe?
11899A is no longer supplied, see details for alternative solution...

FAQ 2010-08-18

How many interface cables does the 11713B/C attenuator/driver come with?

FAQ 2010-07-26

What is the static state current consumption for the various Keysight programmable step attenuators?
Keysight Programmable Step Attenuators require a 20 mS pulse duration to engage a selected attenuator section.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Why do I get verification error upon reset with single channel pulsed switches and Y1151A distribution board?
On this particular distribution board...

FAQ 2010-06-30

What differentiates a power splitter and power divider and when should one be utilized over the other?
The fundamental difference between power splitters and power dividers (combiners) is the resistor configuration used to separate the power.

FAQ 2010-06-11

Can the measurements taken be read from the 34980 Data Acquisition Front Panel?

FAQ 2010-05-14

How can I update the 34980A to Firmware Revision 2.19?

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I mix 34980As and 34970As in the same configuration?
You can have a combination of one 34980A and one or two 34970As in a configuration.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Are there separate licenses for 34970A and 34980A instruments?
Yes. Each instrument uses a specific Data Logger Pro product number.

FAQ 2010-05-05

How can I control the 34980A internal DMM using the IVI-C Dmm class in cooperation with the 34980A IVI driver?
Please download from the link for the document on how to control the internal DMM using IVI-C Dmm class in cooperation with the 34980A IVI driver.

FAQ 2009-12-02

What are the replacement parts of the accessories furnished with the 41800A?

FAQ 2009-07-15

How do you measure the equivalent output reflection coefficient or equivalent output SWR of a splitter?

FAQ 2009-05-11

Comparing and Contrasting the Keysight Technologies 8710x and 8720x Family Switches

FAQ 2009-03-17

Can the 87302C/87303C/87304C hybrid dividers be utilized in power combining applications?
Yes, the hybrid dividers can be utilized in power combining applications.

FAQ 2009-03-17

How does the 11713A Switch Driver drive a five-section switch such as the 8769K or 33366K single pole six (6) throw switches?

FAQ 2009-03-17

On the 83050A microwave amplifier, is there any internal circuitry to protect the amplifier from damage due to an accidental polarity reversal conn...

FAQ 2009-03-13

Can I close all of the channels in the reed cards (ie. 34923A, 34924A, and 34933A) at the same time when working in switch mode?
No. Due to power dissipation, you cannot close all of the channels in the reed cards simultaneously when working in switch mode.

FAQ 2008-10-21

How do I connect the 33210A or 33220A to a PC via the USB port?
Install IO Libraries. Connect instrument. When prompted select “display a list of known drivers…”

FAQ 2008-09-01

What is the meaning of P1dB and Psat as stated in amplifier specifications?

FAQ 2008-07-15

Can I Perform Open/Short Test Using 34980A?
Yes. There are two ways you can setup using the 34980A to perform this test.

FAQ 2008-06-25

Does the L449XA have universal AC power input?
Yes, 100 Vac to 240 Vac +/- 10%, 50-60Hz.

FAQ 2008-04-07

Do the L449XA switch mounting kits come with screws?
Yes, they come with screws to mount bracket to switch tray, Torx T20 (M4).

FAQ 2008-04-07

Can I record the L4490A/L4491A I/O traffic?
Yes, select the "System Overview" button in the web browser to "Generate Report".

FAQ 2008-04-07

Can I assign names to switches when using the L4490A/L4491A?
Yes. At the web interface, right click on the switch to assign a name.

FAQ 2008-04-07

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