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How do I display the mixer conversion loss of M1970 Series or M1971 Series Harmonic Mixer on an X-Series Signal Analyzer?
There is no way to display the conversion loss values from these mixers on screen. There is a hard copy of the conversion loss data supplied with each mixer that can be referenced.

FAQ 2017-06-28

Torque Wrench used with M1971E

FAQ 2016-10-01

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

What external mixers will work with my PXA/mmW EXA and how do I order them?
Currently, the N9030A PXA/mmW EXA with Option EXM will work with either the 11970 Series (with the exception of the 11970K) or ) or external mixers from other vendors such a OML Inc. mixers.

FAQ 2012-10-17

How do I make spectrum analysis measurements on signals above 50 GHz using a PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer (E4440A, E4446A, E4448A)?
The PSA offers an option (AYZ) enabling the use of external millimeter harmonic mixers.

FAQ 2012-02-28

How do I make spectrum analysis measurements on signals above 110 GHz using a PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer (E4440A, E4446A, E4448A)?
With the addition of option AYZ on the PSA a user can connect external harmonic mixers to measure signals up to 325 GHz. Mixers in the frequency range of 110 to 325 GHz are available from third party venders such as Olssen Microwave.

FAQ 2012-02-28

Do I need a bias tee or a diplexer for the 11970 or 11974 series harmonic mixers?
Neither the 11970 or 11974 Series requires a bias tee or diplexer.

FAQ 2012-02-28

Can I use 11970 or 11974 Series external mixers with my 859x Series Spectrum Analyzer?
No, while the 859X products did offer an L.O. output on the rear panel with option 010 Tracking Generator, there was never a provision for an I.F. Input, which is required for external mixing.

FAQ 2012-02-25

Who can I contact for spectrum analyzer mixer capabilities above 110 GHz?

FAQ 2007-01-24

Preselected Versus Non-Preselected External Mixers

FAQ 2002-06-27