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When the frequency-offset is turned on, the number of sweeps during measurement increases. Is this the normal operation for the ENA?

FAQ 2011-10-16

When utilizing the Frequency Offset Mode on the ENA, should the ENA's 10MHz reference and the external source's 10MHz reference be interconnected?

FAQ 2011-10-16

Where can I find upgrade information of ENA?
Please refer to the ENA series service and support home page.

FAQ 2011-10-07

What file types can be shared between versions of 89600 VSA software?
Table showing access to different file types from version 12.xx and version 13.00 or greater.

FAQ 2011-09-14

In ACLR eNB limit, LTE 3MHz bandwidth adjacent channel carrier filter BW is the same as channel BW. Is this true?
No. The bandwidth of filter should be transmission bandwidth configuration BWconfig, not channel BW.

FAQ 2011-07-25

InfiniiVision 2000/3000 X-Series Oscilloscopes Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions and answers about the Keysight InfiniiVision 2000/3000 X-Series oscilloscopes.

FAQ 2011-07-07

How do I transfer waveforms, screen images, and measurements from my InfiniiVision oscilloscope to a PC using IntuiLink Data Capture?
Keysight’s free IntuiLink Data Capture software provides an easy way to transfer deep-memory waveform data, screen images, and measurements from your oscilloscope to your PC via the USB, LAN, or GPIB interface.

FAQ 2011-06-06

How can I perform TDR measurements using the 86100D mainframe with the standard trigger option, 86100D-STR?
If you want to use two TDR modules in an 86100D with option STR then you either have to move the cable to the module that sends out the TDR pulses, or you have to use two cables (such as Keysight P/N 5062-6687) and a power divider (such as Keysight’s P/N 11636B) or power splitter (such as Keysight P/N 11667B). The common port should go into the trigger input.

FAQ 2011-04-25

Where can I find system requirements for Desktop EasyEXPERT?
System requirements for Desktop EasyEXPERT can be found in the B1500A data sheet.

FAQ 2011-02-15

Which W-CDMA option do I need?
There are several different W-CDMA solutions available for use with Keysight signal generators.

FAQ 2011-01-30

After updating IO library suite, ENA Option TDR became uncontrollable from the external PC. What is wrong?
If you have ever updated or uninstalled IO library suite, please reinstall TDR application on your PC.

FAQ 2011-01-21

What are the details regarding the baseband capture memory for option N9020A-BBA, Analog Baseband I/Q Inputs on the N9020A MXA using the 89600 VSA sof
Record length details found here....

FAQ 2010-11-22

What are the baseband bandwidth upgrade details regarding options B25, S40, SU1 and BBA?
See table for details...

FAQ 2010-11-22

What is signal creation software?
Keysight's broad set of Signal Studio and Embedded signal creation software products enable the generation of a wide range of application specific test signals using the MXG, ESG, and PSG vector signal generators.

FAQ 2010-09-08

How is a Signal Studio application license installed?
A Signal Studio license is installed using the License Manager software utility available for download and on the CD shipped with the Signal Studio software.

FAQ 2010-09-08

I have purchased the Segmented Memory option, N5454A, for my InfiniiVision oscilloscope. However, I can’t find the feature in the menus. What can I...
You need to upgrade your oscilloscope to the latest firmware...

FAQ 2010-07-02

Are upgrade options available for ENA Option TDR?
Yes, requires installation at Keysight Service Center.

FAQ 2010-06-06

What operating systems are supported for use with the 89601B/BN Series software?
Supported operating systems.

FAQ 2010-05-17

What is the PRBS (pseudo random binary sequence) polynomial used to test BER in the DVB-T/H system?
The PRBS, which is in compliance with ITU-T O.151, is based on the generator polynomial, 2e23–1 or 2e15–1.

FAQ 2010-02-05

For Xilinx FPGA Dynamic Probe, when should I use Xilinx Core Generator instead of Core Inserter?
Core Generator is usually preferable if you need partitions, since Core Inserter does not support partitions. Core Generator does support partitions but is much less convenient.

FAQ 2010-01-24

Is there an antenna coupler to connect a GSM mobile phone to the 8960 (E5515B/C) wireless test set for testing?
You may use the E6392-60002 antenna coupler to connect GSM mobile phone to the 8960 (E5515B/C) wireless test set for measurement.

FAQ 2009-12-24

Does the Keysight solution support the 4x4 MIMO tests for LTE TDD?
Yes, the N7625B can make downlink MIMO configurations (up to 4x4) with static fading including spatial multiplexing with CDD (cyclic delay diversity) and transmit diversity.

FAQ 2009-11-13

Does the ESG or MXG with N7625B Signal Studio support the UE receiver tests?
Yes, the E4438C (ESG) or N5182A (MXG) with the N7625B LTE TDD signal studio can generate both LTE TDD downlink and uplink signals. So it can be used for receiver components (such as power amplifiers and transmitter, receiver, or transceiver RFICs)...

FAQ 2009-11-13

Does the N7625B support multi-user PRACH generation?
Yes. Keysight’s products support both multi-user PRACH generation. In the N7625B, besides “Basic LTE TDD” and “Advanced LTE TDD carriers”, there is another carrier type named “PRACH LTE TDD”. You can setup either single user PRACH or multi-user PR...

FAQ 2009-11-13

What kind of Baseband filter for P-SS?
The LTE standard does not specify what transmitter filter to use. For the transmitter in ADS, we use ideal low pass filter or RRC filter; for signal studio, we use ideal low pass filter to filter baseband signal, no specific filtering on P-SS. In ...

FAQ 2009-11-13

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