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X-Apps Marks the Spot - Essential Signal Analyzer Measurement Apps for Saving Test Time
Learn how measurement applications increase both the capability and functionality of signal analyzers, while reducing your time to measurement insights.

eBook 2019-10-08

X-Apps Marks the Spot - Essential Signal Analyzer Measurement Apps for Saving Test Time - eBook
Learn how measurement applications increase both the capability and functionality of signal analyzers, while reducing your time to measurement insights.

eBook 2019-10-08

Three Key Trends in Data Center Interconnects reach 400G Speeds and Beyond
Traditionally, coherent optical technology has been too expensive to use in data center interconnects, which are typically less than 80 km apart. New photonic integrated circuits and standards, such as 400ZR and IEEE 802.3ct, will enable physically separated data centers to cost effectively increase speeds to 400 Gb/s. These standards will ensure efficiency when sharing resources, balancing workloads, and scaling capacity.

eBook 2019-09-10

Putting the Future in Motion with Automotive Ethernet
Continental adopts Keysight's automotive Ethernet test solution for 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, DDR memory, and USB connectivity compliance testing.

Case Study 2018-11-16

Going Beyond S-parameters with an Advanced Architecture for Vector Network Analysis
This article explores how architectural advances such as a second internal signal generator, a signal combiner, signal-routing switches, and internal pulse modulators and generators can be used to greatly expand the range of measurements achievable with the PNA-X.

Article 2017-12-05

Make accurate and fast design decisions with data analytics
Data analytics presents design engineers with complete and accurate data to enable new designs to get to market faster.

Article 2017-08-25

Signal Integrity Tips and Techniques Using TDR, VNA and Modeling - Article Reprint
Time and frequency domain analyses for simulation and measurements provide quick solutions for characterizing signal losses and identifying elements that control performance.

Article 2016-03-31

Wireless Power Transfer Efficiency Test with ENA Series Network Analyzers
Option 006 wireless power transfer analysis software in ENA Series network analyzers enable wireless power transfer efficiency measurements in real-time. Advanced 2D/3D simulation feature visualizes the dependency of load impedance.

Article 2015-09-27

Faster Testing with High-Performance Spectrum Analysis in a VNA - Article Reprint
Article reprint from the June 2015 issue of Microwave Journal highlighting the new spectrum analyzer option for the PNA Series.

Article 2015-06-01

Jitter Analysis: The Dual-Dirac Model, RJ/DJ, and Q-Scale - Application Note
This paper provides a complete description of the dual-Dirac model, how it is used in technology standards and a summary of how it is applied on different types of test equipment.

Article 2014-06-14

High-Speed Data Throughput Test
Ensure a quality user experience by fully testing the packet data performance of your wireless device early in the design cycle. The 8960 offers the highest 2G/3G/3.5G data rates and real-world testing to find issues sooner and resolve them faster!

Feature Story 2011-11-29

Solutions for Nonlinear Characterization of High-Power Amplifiers - Article
The article was written by Keith Anderson and published in the Wireless Design magazine

Article 2011-05-02

EE Times: Time-domain simulations of high-speed links with X parameters

Article 2011-03-29

X-parameters: Commercial implementations of the latest technology enable mainstream applications
This blog article from Microwave Journal introduces advances in commercially available solutions for characterization, modeling, and design of nonlinear components and systems based on X-parameters.

Article 2011-01-06

Real-World Battery Drain Analysis
Go beyond Talk Time Test! Test the battery life of your data device using realistic user scenarios to ensure real-world operation meets user expectations with the 8960, 14565B and IFT software.

Feature Story 2010-08-30

X-parameters Aid MMIC Design
Microwaves & RF article on how models based X-parameters can provide insights into the linear and nonlinear behavior of key components in wireless systems, including power amplifiers and mixers.

Article 2010-07-15

Fundamentally Changing Nonlinear Microwave Design
Provides an overview of the invention and need for X-parameters to model the behavior of non-linear devices. This is an article was originally from Microwave Journal, Issue March 2010, Vol.53. No.3

Feature Story 2010-03-09

Validating the Physical and Protocol Layers in DDR Memory Interfaces

Article 2009-01-06

Eye-Diagram Analysis Speeds DDR SDRAM Validation

Article 2009-01-06

Electronic Products - 2008 Product of the Year Award
Analyzer changes fundamental way communications networks are designed

Article 2009-01-01

Simplify DDR Validation with SI Methods

Article 2008-01-06

Testing HSUPA devices
By: Jeanne Fightmaster, Keysight Technologies Published with permissions of EETimes Asia

Article 2007-11-16

New measurement option expands Keysight’s leadership in noise figure analysis
There are many choices today for performing noise figure measurements of LNAs and transistors. The new PNA-X source-corrected method offers a technique that provides the most accurate noise figure measurements available today.

Article 2007-11-01

How to test UMA/GAN-enabled mobile phones
By Jamie Allan and John Russell, Keysight Technologies Published with permissions of Mobile Handset DesignLine

Article 2007-10-29

Efficere Technologies Develops World Class Test Fixtures
Read about Efficere’s design success using Keysight’s PLTS software, E8364B PNA and N1930A test set

Case Study 2006-11-29