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What is Keysight's Windows 7 to Windows 10 Migration Schedule?
We are beginning the transition of our Windows based instruments from Windows Embedded Standard 7 to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Click on the link for additional information.

FAQ 2019-01-02

How does the Microsoft end of support for Windows XP affect my B1500A and B1505A Device Analyzer?
As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft has ceased supporting the Windows XP operating system. This document will provide the information about the migration from Window XP to Windows 7.

FAQ 2014-04-30

How many capacitance measurement units (MFCMUs) can be installed in the B1500A?
Only one MFCMU can be installed in a B1500A mainframe.

FAQ 2012-06-07

[B1542A] Do not use a base line voltage of gate pulse exceeding +/- 3V range
Do not use a base line voltage of gate pulse lower than -3 V or larger than +3 V to avoid a potential risk of damage on the pulse divider used in the gate cabling system.

FAQ 2012-01-11

[B1542A] What is the maximaum volatge range of gate pulse?
The maximum voltage rage of gate pulse supported by the B1542A Ultra Narrow Pulsed IV solution is -Pulse top: -4.5 V to + 4.5V, -Pulse base::-3 V to +3 V, -Amplitude: 4.5 V or less.

FAQ 2011-11-17

[B1542A] Dose 81130A supported by the B1542A Ultra Narrow Pulsed IV solution?

FAQ 2011-11-17

Does Keysight provide the upgrade product for OS of B1500A/B1505A from XP to Windows 7?
Yes, there is an upgrade product from XP to Windows 7 embedded. Please contact your sales representative or a contact center of your country.

FAQ 2011-10-26

What is required to run EasyEXPERT 3.2 to 4.11?
The software requirements of EasyEXPERT 3.2 to 4.11 are as follows.

FAQ 2011-10-26

What is required to run EasyEXPERT 4.2 or later?
Click the above link for details.

FAQ 2011-10-26

Can I transport my 4155 and 4156 measurement setups over to the B1500A?

FAQ 2011-09-08

If I purchase additional modules for my B1500A can I install them myself?
Keysight does not recommend user self-installation of modules.

FAQ 2011-04-12

Can I use Curve Tracer Mode on the B1500A?
Yes. EasyEXPERT 4.0 or later supports Curve Tracer Mode on the B1500A.

FAQ 2011-02-15

Where can I find system requirements for Desktop EasyEXPERT?
System requirements for Desktop EasyEXPERT can be found in the B1500A data sheet.

FAQ 2011-02-15

I need to do a system recovery on my B1500A. How should I back up my data?
You can use the Microsoft Windows Backup utility to perform a data backup.

FAQ 2011-02-15

Can I control a Keysight 4284A/E4980A using my B1500A to make CV measurements and display the results in the EasyEXPERT data display window?

FAQ 2011-02-15

Can I rearrange the order of the modules in my B1500A?

FAQ 2011-02-14

Does the B1500A have switching matrix drivers?

FAQ 2011-02-14

How do I recover my B1500A in case I have a problem? I did not receive a Windows OS recovery CD with my instrument.
There is no windows recovery CD supplied with the instrument.

FAQ 2011-02-14

Prober Drivers of B1500A
Prober drivers to control semi-automatic prober from the B1500A.

FAQ 2010-10-01

Does the B1500A have any wafer prober drivers?

FAQ 2010-10-01

If I purchase additional modules for my B1500A do I also have to pay to have Keysight install them?

FAQ 2010-06-23

Microsoft Windows Security Updates
Download Microsoft Windows security updates

FAQ 2009-05-27

I want to use the SMU CMU Unify Unit (SCUU) with a B1500A. Are there any restrictions on the SMU configuration?
The B1500A SMUs are installed in a fixed order starting at the bottom and working up towards the top. The installation order is as follows...

FAQ 2009-03-01

Are there any limitations on the types of software that I can load onto the B1500A’s PC?
Keysight does not absolutely restrict you from loading other software products onto the B1500A PC. However...

FAQ 2009-03-01

How do I get the latest EasyEXPERT software revisions?
EasyEXPERT software updates and patches can be found on the B1500A product page under “Technical Support.”

FAQ 2009-03-01

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