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M8199A 128/256 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
The M8199A is a 128/256 GHz Arbitrary Waveform generator with 65 GHz nominal bandwidth, useable up to 80 GHz. The M8199A is the highest performing AWG as of today. It enables research engineers signal generation for terabit transmission applications up to 160 GBaud.

Folha de Dados 2020-09-28

N4391SALC Optical Modulation Analysis Software - Data Sheet
The analysis software from Keysight’s Optical Modulation Analyzer portfolio can be used on your PC without any instrumentation. It offers all the analysis capabilities including its advanced signal processing algorithms for complex modulated optical signals

Folha de Dados 2020-09-22

M8195A 65 GSa/s AWG and M8197A Multi-Channel Synchronization Module - Data Sheet
Arbitrary waveform generator with the highest combination of speed, bandwidth and channel density. Flexible signal generation at up to 32 Gbaud.

Folha de Dados 2020-09-22

Basic Vector Signal Analysis and Hardware Connectivity 89600 VSA Software Option 89601200C
This is the technical overview for 89601200C Basic vector analysis and hardware connectivity.

Visão Técnica 2020-09-07

Basic Vector Signal Analysis and Hardware Connectivity 89600 VSA Software Option 200
Basic vector signal analysis is the foundation of the tools and user interface that make up the 89600 VSA software. Hardware connectivity allows the 89600 VSA software to link to over 40 instruments.

Visão Técnica 2020-09-04

M8132A 640 Gb/s Digital Signal Processor - Data Sheet
The M8132A is part of Keysight’s Wideband Solution Platform that consists of a portfolio of compatible instruments, including digitizer, arbitrary waveform generator, digital signal processor and storage modules. The interconnect between these products is based on a high-speed optical data interface.

Folha de Dados 2020-04-01

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M8194A 120 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Data Sheet
Arbitrary waveform generator with the highest sampling rate in the industry of 120GSa/s, with an analogue bandwidth of upto 50Ghz. Ideal solution for 400G optical coherence development and advance IQ modulation source.

Folha de Dados 2019-11-20

M8121A 12 Gsa/s Streaming Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Data Sheet
The M8121A uses a different approach: Instead of a built-in memory, it offers a full rate optical streaming interface (ODI) to supply the samples to the DAC at up to 12 GSa/s, which enables infinitely long scenarios to be generated with up to approx. 5 GHz of modulation bandwidth.

Folha de Dados 2019-11-06

N4372E 110 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer - Data Sheet
The new N4372E extends Keysight’s LCA family for high frequency parametric testing of optical TX and RX up to 110 GHz. It is a vector network analyzer for electro-optic S-parameter measurements.

Folha de Dados 2019-09-24

M8131A 16/32 GSa/s Digitizer Preliminary Version 0.6 - Data Sheet
The M8131A is a 16 Gsa/s or 32 GSa/s digitizer. It's a special analyzer solution, and with its build-in acquisition memory allow user capture real-world signals for a certain, limited amount of time. However, it's also embedded an optical streaming interface (ODI), that allows gapless capture for an unlimited amount of time.

Folha de Dados 2019-09-18

Digital Modulation Analysis 89600 VSA Software Option 89601AYAC - Technical Overview
This is the technical overview for 89601AYAC Digital Modulation Analysis.

Visão Técnica 2019-08-27

N4391B Optical Modulation Analyzer - Data Sheet
The N4391B is the next generation Optical Modulation Analyzer based on the UXR Oscilloscope series with two bandwidth options, one ranging from 40 GHz to 70 GHz and a second one ranging from 80 GHz to 110 GHz.

Folha de Dados 2018-08-09

N5990A Test Automation Software Platform - Data Sheet
An efficient test strategy is a proven competitive advantage. Keysight's N5990A Test Automation Software Platform is a key element of winning strategies.

Folha de Dados 2018-02-28

M8290A Optical Modulation and High Speed Digitizer Test Solution - Data Sheet
The M8292A optical modulation analyzer and M8296A high speed digitizer address your coherent transmitter and receiver testing needs.

Folha de Dados 2017-11-27

M8196A 92 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Data Sheet
The Keysight M8196A is the Arbitrary Waveform Generator with the highest sample rate and the widest bandwidth on up to 4 synchronized channels - simultaneously on one module.

Folha de Dados 2017-10-03

81195A Optical Modulation Generator Software - Data Sheet
The Optical Modulation Generator Software 81195A works in conjunction with the M8195A AWG to generate 32 GBaud dual-I/Q signals and synthesize optical signal properties.

Folha de Dados 2016-02-20

N4391A Optical Modulation Analyzer Measure with Confidence - Data Sheet
Literature update with new teaser and publication information.

Folha de Dados 2015-02-10