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How do multiple instruments affect the scan list?
Multiple instruments are integrated seamlessly into a scan list.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I send an email following a scan or on some event?
Yes. You can use a notification to execute an external program or batch file in response to an event.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I filter the data shown on a graph?
Yes. On a graph tab, click the Channels... button to select which channels to graph and/or to show only certain measurement functions.

FAQ 2010-05-05

How can I open a configuration from a different data logger application?
See “Import Data Logger 3 Configuration”, or “Import Data Logger for 34980A Configuration”, or “Packages” in the Help menu for detail.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I run two scan lists at the same time (in parallel)?
No. Scan lists can only be run sequentially

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I print the graph data to a printer?
Yes. On a graph tab, click the Preferences... button and select Show Graph Menu Bar.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I export data while scans are running?
Yes, select Automatically export to .csv during scan in the “Export Data Preferences” dialog box.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I start a scan and then close Data Logger Pro and continue scanning?
Yes. However, there are some limitations.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I rename an instrument instead of using the default Instr1, Instr2... naming convention?
Yes. Click on InstrN in the Name column of the “Configure Instruments” tab and enter a new instrument name.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I use the National Instruments 34970A LabView Driver and Examples with the 34972A?
Yes, there is a new Labview driver that supports both the 34972A and the 34970A...

FAQ 2010-04-16

Why USB modular instruments (U272XA, U2741A, U2751A and U2761A) is not detectable by E5813A?
PC is failed to enumerate the USB modular instrument.

FAQ 2010-04-09

Transferring Data and Configurations to a new version or to a new computer
Moving between computers with same version or moving configurations and data to a new version on the same computer:

FAQ 2010-03-30

Is U2751A compatible with E5813A?
U2751A is not compatible with E5813A.

FAQ 2010-03-22

Is the USB connection of U2300A,U2500A and U2600A optically coupled?
No. It is not.

FAQ 2010-03-22

34970A: Is there a battery in the Keysight 34970A?
Yes. the 34970A contains an internal battery that provides power to the internal real-time clock, stored states, and reading storage memory when the instrument ac line power is removed.

FAQ 2010-01-12

Is there any special setting that I need to do in Keysight VEE before using the U2300A or U2500A DAQ with it?
Yes. In fact it is the most important thing you need to set before using the DAQ with Keysight VEE. As most instruments uses MSB byte ordering, DAQ...

FAQ 2009-12-15

What does ENOB of 13.3 bit means in the specification sheet?
ENOB = (SINAD-1.76)/6.02 Overall Accuracy = ENOB (Effective Number of Bits)....

FAQ 2009-12-15

How can I control the 34980A internal DMM using the IVI-C Dmm class in cooperation with the 34980A IVI driver?
Please download from the link for the document on how to control the internal DMM using IVI-C Dmm class in cooperation with the 34980A IVI driver.

FAQ 2009-12-02

Can strain gauges be measured with the Keysight 34970A?
The 34970A can measure strain gauges using 4-wire ohms measurements and return the strain value using the math formula Mx+B.

FAQ 2009-11-18

I've written my own text format for SCPI in *.txt. How do I use these for SCPI completion within VEE 9.0. What tool should I use?
You can use the tool found within Keysight.com. Just search using the keyword "Keysight VEE SCPI...

FAQ 2009-11-12

VEE 9.0 has SCPI completion. How do I make my own SCPI command built-in with VEE?
Please refer to the attached Microsoft Word document for a step by step explanation...

FAQ 2009-11-12

Why do I not see all the data points on my graph tab?
When viewing your readings from the Graph Tab, some times not all of your data is displayed.

FAQ 2009-11-05

What is the main difference between the digital output (DO) of the U2100A, U2600A, U2300A and U2500A?
The DO port of U2100A and U2600A requires external power supply to be pumped into the port...

FAQ 2009-10-20

How much of data points from my data acquired can I save into one file?
What we observed is that if you log your file into *.csv file, the most no. of points you will be capturing is 65536 points. However, if you are saving into *.txt file, it will depend on the type of...

FAQ 2009-09-29

How do I know what is the best sampling rate to use for my measurement?
Typically if you follow Nyquist theory, your sampling rate should be 2x the highest frequency of the incoming signal that you are measuring. However, we recommend that you use 5x...

FAQ 2009-09-29

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