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Hardware Driver for Keysight USB Modular DAQ and U2781A USB Modular Chassis Version 2.01
Supported models: U2300A/U2500A/U2600A/U2700A Series, U2781A and U2802A.
Previous Versions

Driver Current Version: 2.01 | 2017-02-13

Measurement Manager (AMM)
The Measurement Manager (AMM) is a free application software designed as a user interface to work with Keysight´s U2300A Series, U2500A Series, U2600A Series, U2700A Series and U2802A thermocouple signal conditioner.
Previous Versions

Computer Software Current Version: v2.2.4.0 | 2013-12-03

Keysight Parametric Measurement Manager (PMM) VEE source file
This VEE source file enables you to make necessary changes on the original PMM software provided for free to suite your test approach.

Programming Example 2009-04-13