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M9185A PXI Isolated D/A Converter
The M9185A is a digital/analog converter that can supply high voltage levels in parallel of up to eight or 16 channels. Each channel can provide up to 16 V as stimulus to the device under test.

Техническая информация 2019-10-10

M9186A PXI Voltage Current Souce Data Sheet
The M9186A is a two-slot, PXI based V/I source module that enables the sourcing of a voltage and measurement of the resultant current, or sourcing a current and measuring the resultant voltage.

Техническая информация 2018-08-06

M9188A Dynamic Digital to Analog Converter - Data Sheet
The M9188A is a PXI-based, single-slot dynamic digital to analog converter (DAC) which has 16 simultaneous channels capable of supplying stimulus waveform signals of up to +30 V or +20 mA per channel.

Техническая информация 2017-12-05

TS-8900 PXI-Based Standard Platform for Automated Test Equipment Integration - Technical Overview
The Keysight TS-8900 standard PXI-based high performance shell platform offers self-integrators an efficient and cost effective base solution to meet their functional test needs.

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