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Where do I download the mechanical drawings for the M9195B?
Files can be imported into your modeling application.

FAQ 2016-04-19

Why don’t my Keysight PXI modules show up in National Instruments-Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI-MAX)?
Older versions of Keysight and other vendor’s PXI software could result in Keysight modules not appearing in NI Max....

FAQ 2013-08-30

Keysight Driver Migration Tool

FAQ 2012-01-20

How do you clear the M91xxA memory?

FAQ 2011-06-22

How do I get information (ie. Vendor ID, Device ID, Subsystem ID, Subsystem Vendor Id) on my specific device?
Open Windows Device Manager...

FAQ 2011-04-25

What should I do when I get the “Unable to open instrument” error while communicating with PXIe modules on a non-English OS system?
This error is known to display when the old Keysight IO Libraries 16.0 is run on a non-English OS system and trying to communicate with PXIe modules...

FAQ 2011-03-16

What if I can’t communicate to my PXI module?
It is best to debug connectivity issues at the lowest software level possible. PCI instruments must be discovered by BIOS and the OS prior to using them...

FAQ 2011-02-01

I still cannot see my modules after repairing the initial installer. How do I fix this?
The initial installers have a flaw that results in them not working if you attempt to use the repair feature of the installer...

FAQ 2010-11-10

Can I put the Keysight Switch cards into a PXIe chassis?
Only a PXIe chassis that has hybrid slots...

FAQ 2010-10-11

Do these products appear in the Keysight connection expert?

FAQ 2010-10-11

What kind of backplane connectors do the PXI switches have?
The M9101A-M9160A PXI switches are PXI1 with a J1 only connector...

FAQ 2010-10-11

Are there SCAN commands for the switches?
No. There is no scan-list / switch handshake personality built into the DMM + Switch...

FAQ 2010-10-11

Does this work in test stand? NI switch executive?

FAQ 2010-10-11

Are there any calibration options?

FAQ 2010-10-11

Are these switches programmed using SCPI?
No. Since the modules are essentially register-based, the software drivers handle all the direct module interaction and control...

FAQ 2010-10-11

What is the difference between PXIe and AXIe?
The AXIe standard provides the maximum scalability to address a range of platforms...

FAQ 2010-10-06

Does Keysight have mass interconnect solutions?
There are mass interconnect solutions from MAC panel....

FAQ 2010-10-06

Can I run a program that is controlling my PXI instrument while using its soft front panel (SFP)?
Not at this time...

FAQ 2010-10-06

What is the data transfer rate of PXI, PXIe, and AXIe?
PXI-1 has two variants...

FAQ 2010-10-06

Where can customers find user manuals and example programs for AXIe & PXIe products?
Datasheets of modular products will be included on the CD shipped with every product and will be available on from the product page...

FAQ 2010-10-06

What drivers will be provided with modular products?
IVI-COM, IVI-C and LabVIEW (G), are provided with all Keysight modular products...

FAQ 2010-10-06

Can I use SCPI to communicate with my Keysight modules?
No. Connectivity is provided through Drivers.

FAQ 2010-10-06

Are all PXIe system modules/controllers compatible with all chassis?
No, the PXIe standard requires the chassis support certain configurations but not all...

FAQ 2010-10-06

Will ExpressVIs work with Keysight hardware?
No. Keysight has VIs available to use with LabView but not ExpressVIs.

FAQ 2010-10-06

Can I use the PXIe products over LAN?
If the PXIe chassis has an embedded controller with a LAN port then the PXI system can connect to a LAN port...

FAQ 2010-10-06

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