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What cable do you recommend for the M9203A I/O and Sync connectors?
Keysight cable U5300A-102, one of which is included with every M9203A order. This is 1 meter long, with MMCX (male) to BNC (male) connectors.

FAQ 2018-04-26

Where can I find the user documentation for the U5340A FPGA Development Kit (FDK)?
The user documentation is installed on your computer with the software.

FAQ 2018-01-18

What software and options do I need to access the FPGA sandbox in my high-speed digitizer?
Digitizer option FDK enables programming access to the on-board FPGA. Click on the question for additional information.

FAQ 2018-01-18

Is there a 3D model of the M924xA PXIe modular oscilloscopes?
Yes, see the IGES, SAP, Step, EASM, PKG, and PDF format file downloads.

FAQ 2017-03-23