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8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide for the E5515C (8960) Series 10 wireless communications test set outlines the functionality that can be achieved using a test set mainframe, mobile test applications, and lab applications

Configuration Guide 2015-10-09

E6965A Location Server Emulator - Technical Overview
The 8960 (E5515C) with appropriate Lab Applications already supports testing of A-GPS via control plane RRLP or RRC messaging. The E6965A complements this solution, facilitating A-GPS/location-service testing via the user plane (IP data) by emulating a SUPL Location Platform (SLP). This makes it possible to test SUPL Enabled Terminal (SET) on the bench.

Technical Overview 2014-07-31

Typical GPS Receiver Verification Tests Using a GPS Signal Simulator - Application Note
This paper describes typical GPS receiver verification tests using a GPS signal simulator. The tests are used to verify functionality of embedded GPS receivers in mobile consumer products such as cell phones and other handheld receivers.

Application Note 2010-03-04

Functional A-GPS Receiver Test Using the 8960 and E4438C - Application Note
This application note describes a test system that uses and 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set in conjunction with an E4438C ESG Vector Signal

Application Note 2009-11-24